Dr batras hair treatments

Dr batras hair treatments

Issues related to hair are in general a common problem. For any kind of quality issue of the hair would get you stressed and tensed. But if Dr Batra is at sight then you do not have to worry about. Dr Batra brings a number of hair treatments which are specifically advanced for you.


Why Dr Batra???

It is obvious question. Why should we choose Dr Batra’s treatment??? Well, the reason is no less obvious too. It is a quality organisation promising the requisite care and support. It started as a small unit in the year 1982. At that time it was only limited to Mumbai. But gradually it began spreading its roots and today it is listed as an international unit. It comprises of the following.

  • A series of homeopathy clinical units.
  • A company supporting various products related to hair treatment.
  • Numerous clinics aiding to hair transplantation.


A team of doctors specialised in homeopathic treatment are always at their best to support the needy. They guarantee positive result as homeopathy treats the root of the problem and fights it out permanently.


Hair treatment at Dr Batra’s:

Hair loss is a significant issue amongst all other problems. Any hair disorder ultimately leads to loss of hair. It may be for fungal infection, hairline or dandruff. The reason varies from person to person, hence the treatment too.

Stepping to Dr Batra’s treatment, safe and permanent solution is expected. It follows the rules of homeopathy. Therefore the first and foremost step is positively followed up. That is, to find the root cause of your hair loss. Advanced techniques are used for the diagnosis of the ailment. Once the cause of hair loss is evaluated then accordingly the steps are taken. The steps may include piler light treatment or the laser comb therapy.

After the treatment is accomplished, the decision comes to the further care to be taken for the hair. This may include the use of various hair care products shared by Dr Batra’s.


Products followed as a part of treatment:

Certain products are followed up by the team for complete hair care. Some of them are mentioned here.

  • Vitalizing serum:The hair vitalizing serum is used to prevent any hair condition from getting worse. It comes at an affordable price which helps to maintain the quality of the hair and mitigates any continuing issue. It must be used with the prior advice of the team.


  • Nourishing hair oil:Dr Batra’s nourishing hair oil is advantageous at optimum level unlike other oils. This oil is especially used for treated hair. The hair which undergoes treatment may be prone to further damage if proper care is not taken. Therefore such hair should be regularly massaged by this oil. This provides additional nourishment of the scalp and hair thereby facilitating the growth of healthy hair.


  • Dandruff cleansing shampoo:This is yet another product following the treatment of hair. Dandruff is a big issue which should be treated carefully. Dr Batra helps in this regard by presenting the dandruff cleansing shampoo. This shampoo deeply cleanses the scalp avoiding all infections and carries out the responsibility of employing complete hair care.


  • Conditioner:If it is a promise to give complete package of hair care then the conditioner cannot be left behind. The hair conditioner from Dr Batra is enriched with the extracts of amla which enhance the manageability of the hair adding to the lessening of hair fall. After using the conditioner you would not be worried to expose your hair out in the sun and dust.


There are more products followed by professional treatments. On a positive note there are no side effects of whatever treatment is followed. Hence Dr Batra’s hair treatments are reliable and effective as well.

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