Doll Face Makeup Tutorial

Doll Face Makeup Tutorial

I am sure whenever you would be seeing a pretty doll in the market you would be highly attracted towards its makeup. All pinky and rosy. And that’s natural as being a girl you should get attracted to such things. But what if you intent wear that kind of makeup. Well, it’s amazing if someone can do a doll make at her own. This makeup is quite popular and gaining much more attraction in special theme based parties or special events. Our today’s article is based on this topic. We are going to share a complete tutorial for letting you have a cute doll makeup without much difficulty.


Complete Doll Face Makeup Tutorial:


  • First step that you should do whether you are doing a doll makeup, heavy occasional makeup or any usual makeup is to wash your face with a good quality and suitable cleanser. Rub your face gently to remove dead skin cells, dirt and oil. All these things don’t let makeup get set on your face perfectly and doing makeup over these impurities can also harm your skin health. So cleanse you face perfectly.


  • After cleansing eliminate your face sin dryness by applying a moisturizing lotion. You should apply moisturizer as per your skin texture. If you have dry skin go for creamy lotion and in case of oily skin choose water based and oil free moisturizers.


  • Apply an appropriate primer to your face to make a perfect base over your skin. Primer will help to smoother your skin by setting down dry parts and uneven areas of skin. As you are going to do a doll makeup so you should choose a primer with pretty shine that can let your face glow extraordinarily just like a doll. You can apply primer with your fingers gently all over your face.


  • Once primer gets dry apply a concealer coat all over the areas where you have marks, spots or dark lines. Since you need to look flawless and with clear skin so you should take good care while hiding spots and marks on your skin.


  • Apply a foundation all over your face, neck, under eyes, ears etc. Foundation will help you to have even skin tone and flawless tone.


  • You can also use a powder to have smoother looks. Apply the powder using big fluffy brush or sponge. You should make sure to press the powder into your skin so that it gets set at place perfectly.


  • Now it comes to your eye makeup. Eye makeup is most important when you are wearing a doll makeup. Starting with your eye shadow, first you need to choose doll eye shadow color that you love in the doll looks. It would be good to go with pink, rosy or peach kind of hues of eye shadow to have a perfect doll eye makeup.


  • Apply the pink eye shadow on your eyelids following the natural curve of your eyes. If you want to add some more color shades then you can use orange shade on the inner half part of your eyelids. Such color combinations will make you noticeable among the crowd.


  • Now apply good eyeliner on to your eyelashes. You should apply the eyeliner from middle of the eyelashes following natural curvature of your lashes. Line your bottom lashes as well. You should concentrate on eye makeup. You can extend your eye length so that your nose and mouth can look very small just like dolls.


  • Now after lining your lashes it is not over yet. Lashes are the major part of doll makeup so you will have to put fake eyelashes in this case. Opt huge curly false eyelashes for your eyes. Stick the fake eyelashes on top and bottom lashes of your eyes.


  • Use a light pink blush shade for your cheeks this time. Smile in front of the mirror and identify your apples. Apply blush using sponge or brush on your cheeks.


  • Now we come at lip makeup. For lips first cover them up with concealer to cover all dead cells and make them smooth. Now apply pink lipstick on your lips using a sponge or brush applicator. Blend it well to have an even shade.


  • Now add some gloss to your lips by applying clear or pink lip gloss.


Thus you can have a perfectly applied doll makeup easily without going to parlor and spend too much of your bucks.

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