Does Jaggery Prevent Iron Deficiency

Does Jaggery Prevent Iron Deficiency


Jaggery is a traditional non centrifugal cane sugar in Asian and African countries. It can be seen in golden brown and in dark brown colour. It has been called in different names in various countries around the world. Jaggery is a product made of sugar cane and date palm tree. The juice of sugarcane or date palm is heated and allowed to solidify. The semisolid juice will be cut into pieces. The fully dried pieces form into our sweet jaggery. Date palm jaggery, sugarcane jaggery, Palmyra jaggery and Toddy Palm jaggery are found.



Jaggery is used widely in India, Pakistan, Nepal and Srilanka. It is used in food preparation to add sweetness. The sweet recepies like Sweet Pongal, Payasam, Candy, Laddu, Obbudu and toffees. Jaggery is added with milk as a healthy drink. A pinch of jaggery is used in Sambar and rasam. Above all, jaggery is eaten in happy moments as raw. The usage of jaggery is high in Indian states.

In Myanmar, jaggery is obtained from toddy palm syrup. They use jaggery as a sweet in green tea. Burmese use jaggery in cooking to add colour and enrich the food.


Health Benefits of Jaggery:

  • According to Ayurveda, Jaggery eases bowel movement and acts as diuretic in the patients with constipation. It helps in digestion.
  • Jaggery helps in gaining healthy weight.
  • Used as cardiac tonic.
  • Gives instant energy.
  • The iron content in Jaggery helps boosting hemoglobin level. Usage in pregnancy is beneficial.
  • Controls blood pressure
  • It nullifies free radicals.
  • Used as a sweetner substituting sugar.
  • Taking in empty stomach helps in relieving menstrual problems
  • Regular intake reduces incidences of anemia.
  • Relieves headache. Application on fore head with sesame and milk relieves migraine headaches.
  • Chewing with 2-3 black peppers relieve cough.
  • Taking as a juice with beetle leaves and warm water relieves common cold.


Nutritional fact:

Jaggery is rich in Minerals like Potassium 13mg, Manganese 16mg, Iron 0.30mg, Selenium 0.12mcg, Calcium 8mg, Phosphorus 4mg, Sodium 3mg, Niacin 0.011mg, Vitamin B6 0.004mg, Folate 0.1mcg, Pantothenic acid 0.01mg, Choline 0.23mg, Water 0.40g, Total carbohydrates 9.8g, Protein 0.01g with total calories 38.3/10g. it has zero dietary fiber, fats and zinc. It has 97% sugar and 98% carbohydrates.

A person can obtain 3% Iron of daily value from 10 grams of taking Jaggery.


Jaggery in preventing Iron Deficiency:

  • Iron is vital for producing hemoglobin. Regular intake of jaggery in any form with any food will help the anemic patients to increase iron in blood.


  • Iron gives energy and strengthens immune power. Jaggery with its antioxidants and minerals like selenium, prevent free radicals and gives energy to resist against infections.


  • Iron is vital for metabolism. Jaggery helps in digestion. It is a source of getting instant energy to work. It also helps athelets at the times of exercising and competing.


  • Iron is important to women of all stages. From menstrual cycle to pregnancy, women need immune power, and iron requirement for the development of infant in the womb. Jaggery gives a supply of iron they need in regular intakes.


Some suggestions in taking Jaggery as food:

  • Prefer jaggery in your tea and coffee to sugar.
  • Add a pinch of jaggery to pulses while cooking.
  • Add in cereal and porridge in breakfast.
  • Use in squashes, jams, pickles, candies and chocolate.
  • Add in desserts and snacks.

So, Jaggery can fulfill a day’s iron requirement for everyone.

*. Consult your physician before you deal with any sort of eating practice.

*. Diabetic patients should be careful while using this as it may increase blood glucose level.



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