Person with long, smooth and straight hair looks very attractive. A nice hair style generally attracts everyone. You will see a number of people who expense a lot of money for just their hair style. Besides beautiful hair you will need to manage your hair style too for smart look. Always keep that style which suits you best. As a facial mask removes patches in complexion, similarly a hair mask fixes your hair. It helps you to keep your hair in a pretty look. So if you are not so rich and can’t go to a parlor, still you can make your own hair mask in your home. it does not require too much skill and the things that are to be used to make it can be found easily in your surroundings.  But before making it you must know about your hair types, whether they are dry , itchy, oily or damaged. After knowing this you can take necessary steps to fix it. There are some signs that describes about hair types. Normally dry hair look dull and are easily breakable. They may be due to lack of oil. Oily hair is very greasy in nature. They attract a lot of dust due to oil and you need to wash them daily. There is also a combination between dry and oily hair. It is oily from root and is dry towards end. People who use the too much comb may get this. Besides this it also occurs when we often change our hair style. By knowing your hair types we can make that kind of hair mask which suits our type at home. As they don’t contain any chemical so are very beneficial. Hair mask can  be easily made with kitchen and natural ingredients. Hair mask has a very hydrating feature. It provides a cooling effect to your hair. It contains lot of nutrients which make our hair smoothly, shiny and stronger. By just following these steps you can make your special hair mask in your kitchen.


Steps for making hair mask for dry hair:

You can use any of these ingredients for your hair mask, depends on availability. Avocado, Banana, Honey, Mayonnaise, olive oil, coconut oil, mango, eggs, gelatine and glycerine. As pollution, stress, dust and ignorance about hair can affect your hair a lot. hair can be damaged, so you need to moisturize it back .

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Step 1. Take a fresh banana and cut it into slices. Place them into a clean bowl. As banana contain glucose and sucrose so it is very good for hair. It has a highly hydrating property so gives a enough moisture to hair and make them healthy. Banana removes the frizz from hair and gives you bouncy smooth hair.


Step 2. After this take a ripe mango and cut it down into small pieces. Pour these pieces into that bowl. carefully mix it with a spoon. Mango contains vitamin D, E and some useful minerals which are very essential for hair growth. Mango is widely used in number of conditioners due to its high hydrating feature.


Step 3. Now add some coconut oil into this mixture. You should use at least three table spoons of coconut oil for better result. Stir this mixture carefully and make a fine paste. Coconut oil is very beneficial for dry hair. it reduced the dryness from hair and gives enough moisture to your scalp. Also this oil makes your hair very smooth and strong. So coconut oil is a better option for dry scalp.


Step 4. Now add three table spoons of yogurt into the mixture. Yogurt enhances the growth and makes hair healthy. As yogurt is well enriched in protein so always add it while making hair mask.


Step 5. Now put this whole mixture in a blender and mix it well. After this place this paste into another clean bowl. Now your hair mask is ready to use.


Take a small brush and apply it carefully on your scalp to ends of hair. Allow this paste to sit about for 20 minutes. After this wash your head with a shampoo and rinse it. Now you will feel an amazing smoothness in your hair.

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