DIY – Foot Scrub

DIY – Foot Scrub

Basically foots are the most ignoring part of our body. Many people only care about face, looks, cloths and yes! Shoes too but they neglect foots. It’s not being purposely some times it all because less time we have and then the result we get is foot or crack heels. This is such a unpleasant thing. Now you just make a mind and most probable don’t ignore foot before you go out.

Foot is one of the visible part of our body but some time due to reasons we ignore to care it and get unclean, dull and hard skin on that but Now I’m going to share some remedy to disappear foot problem.

Lot’s of DIY we have for foot. Scrubbing is the best ways to remove all dead cells from the feet and make it smooth and soft like other part of our body.


  • Mint olive oil scrub: usullywe use mint for freshness but is can do more than that for our body. Take some mint leafs and pummel it, mix one tea spoon olive oil on it then scrub with it of foots. Leave it for 1 hour. Then wash your foot with normal water. Even if you have time that you can one more thing. Boil lots of mind in the water and put one table spoon olive oil and squeeze one lemon on it. Put your foots in to the water like you do when you do pedicure. This is so relaxing presses. And then you will get smooth soft foot.


  • Sugar-Lemon Scrub: sugar and lemon are together makes your skin even and full of life. For making sugar-lemon scrub you need only these 2 times. Mix it together and keep rubbing on the foot and heels. Lemon has the power of vitamin C which is so important to make your skin even and sugar can remove dead cells from body. Rub is at least 20 minutes then wash off your foots with lukewarm water.


  • Lemon-Aloe Vera gel ice chips scrub: this is the easiest way to get rid from sunburn. Our foot get sun burn because of afternoon outing. It became black and looks so ugly. Lemon-Aloe Vera gel ice chips scrub can vanish all the darkness which sojourn on your foot. Take a bowl and squeeze a big lemon on it, take 2 table spoon on aloe Vera gel mix it into half glass of water. Buy a silicone ice tray and put the mixture on that. Put the tray in freeze for get it frozen. After 2-3 hour when water became into the ice. Let get out it from freeze and rub this ice chips on the affected area. Take a relaxing feeling and this is so helpful to remove sun burn and heel all the problem.


  • Brown sugar-baking soda scrub: hoping for good I’m sharing another home-made remedy with you. This scrub is so easy to make and give your foot a new life.
    mix each material brown sugar and baking soda 1-1 table spoon. Rub it for 15-20 minutes on foot and do same with heels. This remedy is useful to get rid from dead cell and then have perfect foots. after doing that take a shower.


  • Rice powder- mint-lime soak: you will go to love this remedy. Like our mind, hand etc. even Foots feel tiredness and for gives them a fresh treat do only one thing just take good care of it. Rice-mint-lime soak is such a boon.You can make it at home, mix all three stuff with water or milk or same as Honey and Rub it on full legs including heels. Leave this like as well until it gets dry. After that wash it off or you can take a lukewarm water shower.

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