DIY – Bridal Makeup Kit

DIY – Bridal Makeup Kit

Wedding is an auspicious occasion is everybody’s life especially for the bride as she enters into a completely new journey of life. So on this special occasion a bride has to look beautiful like she never before, just like a princess. If you are going to be enter in your married life and you wedding is due in upcoming days, then this article can help you make your special day more amazing. We are sharing the most important and amazing contents of a DIY bridal kit that will help you to get ready for your wedding perfectly and make people keep looking at you unblinkingly.


Best Do It Yourself – Bridal makeup Kit


Facial Primer

Facial primer is a must to include in your makeup kit for your wedding day. A facial primer is a light lotion that is applied before other cosmetic makeup product so that your makeup can have a good coverage and it can last for longer period of time. Choose a good quality primer for your special day.



Foundation is another important cosmetic that is extremely useful in giving a scar free and clear looks on the wedding day. On this day you have to face lights and cameras. Your looks should be camera friendly. So a foundation plays an important role in making your skin such that your makeup will reflect the light and you can have a perfect videography and photography of yours. Foundation will also help to give you a brighter skin tone while diminishing scars, spots and marks.



You should include blush to your kit according to your skin complexion. A radiant blush will help to give you a natural looking makeup without being too artificial. You can try the blushes offered by The Body Shop as they come with amazing shades that can make you look awesome.



If you have several aging signs like dark spots, sun spots, marks, scars or similar to these then a concealer can help you hide these perfectly. Use a yellowish concealer because it will best work to hide all the signs of your skin.


Eye Shadow

It is advised to use creamy, peach, pink or apricot hues of eye shadow on your wedding day. As tears are obvious to come out of your eyes on this day so these shades will not cause any disturbance to your makeup.



For a lipstick to last for long time, brighter colors of these should be selected. You can try your favorite lipstick from the range of Lakme’s lipsticks. Selection of good lipstick will give a boost to your overall looks.


Compact Powder

Humidity or sweating can disturb your overall makeup. So a good quality facial powder can help you keep your makeup for long and prevent sweating. You can add Color essence compact powder to your bridal makeup kit.


Eyeliner And Mascara

In order to keep your makeup at its place without disturbing your looks in your emotional moments, you should utilize waterproof mascara and eyeliner. This type of eyeliner or mascara will not mess up even when you will be in tears and will stay for long. The selection should be made on carefully reviewing the product quality as eye makeup is really an important part of the looks.


Add all these items to your makeup kit and using all these products you can yourself do your makeup perfectly. But along with all such makeover you should take good care of yourself before many days of your wedding. Keep properly hydrated, eat nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables etc. as these will help to improve your skin tone making you look beautiful naturally.

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