Different Yids to help Soothe Your Sun Burnt Skin

Different Yids to help Soothe Your Sun Burnt Skin

Everybody wants to look fair & beautiful, especially girls and ladies. Fair skin leads to beauty. But In summer, ultra-violet rays of sun can damage to your skin. When Skin is exposed to direct sunlight, it produces melanin due to ultra-violet rays. Melanin is the dark pigment in the upper layer of skin to protect deeper layer of skin. The amount of melanin your skin produces to protect your skin, depends on genetics. That’s why people having fair skin produce less melanin and there are more possibilities to burn their skin. The best way to protect your skin is to cover up the skin. But , this may not be enough and skin may be get reddish and peeled. Your skin may be darker and dry. People who are suffering from pimples oh their face, they can not afford to sit in sunlight. So, In summer, How to keep safe your skin from ultra-violet rays? And if skin has been damaged, what is the remedy?

Here we are providing some simple remedies which you can easily do at home, and they help you very much to get rid of sun burnt skin.


  1. Cucumber lotion: Cucumber is considered as a laxative because of having a large amount of water in it. Simply apply its juice on the skin & it would give too much       relief. For more better results, mix cucumber juice with coconut milk and aloe vera, spray it on damaged area of skin.


  1. Potato Paste : Potatoes are known as pain reliever for skin problems. Potatoes work well for inflammation and scratches & burn. Make a paste of potatoes using blender, you can mix some water if paste is much thick and dry. Paste must be juicy. Using small cotton balls, apply it on the skin.


  1. Baking soda : Baking soda is easily available at homes. Make a fine paste of baking soda with cool water. First mix only little water. Then check the paste is consistent or not? Smear the paste on burnt skin and leave unless you feel relax and pain or heat become vanished.


  1. Grapefruit & lavender : Grapefruit brightens the skin color and refreshes it. Lavender due to its coolness soothes the skin. For sun burnt, combine both of them and use it for burnt skin. You can also use it on a normal skin for protecting from sunlight & fairness.


  1. Drinking water : Drink water during the whole day. Because in summer, body needs a large amount of water. Due to Lack of water, dehydration occurs and skin gets dry and is more likely to burn. So, to avoid sunburn, drink about 2 to 3 liter water everyday.


  1. Aloe-vera: Aloe-vera is an element using for skin problems for centuries. Aloe-vera gel is used to sooth and soften the skin. It also helps to reduce the burn also. You can drink aloe-vera juice also for fast and effective results.


  1. Cold milk: Chilled milk s the quickest and simplest way to get relief from sun burnt. Initially, it reduces the heat and creates a layer of protein on the upper level of skin, which protects the skin and soothe and make you comfortable. Note that milk should be cold enough.


  1. Plain Yogurt: Plain yogurt is another way to treat facial sun burnt. You can also use it for normal skin. First wash your hands and using your hands apply yogurt directly on your face and keep it for 10 to 15 minutes and wash out the face with cold water. Cold yogurt would give much better results, giving relief from pain and inflammation.


These are some simple tricks that give you much better results even at home. If the problem is severe, one should consult the physician, or skin specialist. But, I am sure these remedies are enough. Apply these above mentioned tricks regularly for getting rid of completely.

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