Different types of Highlighters and their uses

Different types of Highlighters and their uses

Nowadays, women make use of different types of beauty products to enhance their beauty and look. Thus, Highlighter is one such beauty product which helps to highlight a particular feature such as nose, cheek, under lips of a woman. Highlighters help you to give a sharp and radiant look than the other makeup products such as foundation creams, compacts and congealers.

Thus, let us check the different types of highlighters available in the Indian market and their uses.


  • Matte-effect/Powder based Highlighter:

This is a highlighter which gives you a perfect matte finish with sheen and shiny effect. It comes in a powder form and thus gives you a matte rich finish with a shimmery effect which has minute granules. This type of matte finish highlighters actually helps you to hide your pores and clogs and thus highlights your features very radiantly. Few examples of such “matte effect” highlighters are MAC silver dusk highlighter, milani gold dust and Rose illuminating powder from Lancome.



  • Mineral Highlighter:

This is favorite highlighter product for the celebrities as well as for normal women. This is a soft powder which is not too heavy and does not contain heavy shimmery effect. This is a product which is rich in mineral oil ingredients which keeps your skin always moisturized. They also help in hydrating your skin and highlight your cheeks, chin, lips, eye brows to look bigger and attractive. It is a best professional makeup product and it is best suited for the women having pinkish cheeks.


MAC amber glow mineralize highlighter is a best mineral highlighter available in the beauty market which gives you a perfect look during the evening party times.



  • Liquid based Highlighter:

Liquid based highlighters are perfect beauty products which can be mixed with the foundation creams, moisturizer or blush to give a radiant glow. If applied separately, it can be applied after applying foundation cream on your face. Liquid based highlighters are mainly used by the persons whose skins need moisturization for longer hours. This type of highlighters will be long lasting when compared to the other types of highlighters available in the market.


Liquid highlighter from the famous brand Clinique is one of the best examples for this type of highlighter. It comes in different shades and best suitable for all types of skin tones.



  • Cream Highlighter:

The creamy texture of the highlighter helps to evenly spread on your skin tone covering all the clogs and pores to give a perfect looking flawless skin. This product is available in the form of stick that is easily rotatable and can be easily applied directly to your face and blended using your fingers. Creamy highlighters stay for longer time period and clearly highlight your features such as lips, eye brows, under eye regions and so on.


The best examples for this type of highlighters are Watts up from Benefits a cosmetic which comes in a champagne shade and does not contain more glittery ingredients.



Uses of Highlighters:

  • Any type of highlighter will help you to look younger by highlighting or enhancing your features such as lips, eye brows, chins, cheeks ,etc.,


  • Gives extra shine to your cheeks, chins and forehead areas and thus makes you more beautiful.


  • You can expose your features as you like. For example, if you have a blunt nose, you can expose it as a sharper one with the help of liquid or creamy highlighter.


  • If you have dry skin, you can make use of mineral highlighter which is rich in mineral oils to keep your skin hydrated for longer hours.


  • Liquid highlighters help to expose your lips larger and fuller.


  • Liquid or creamy highlighters can hide your dark circles and cover the signs of fatigue.

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