Different Halloween makeup for woman

Different Halloween makeup for woman

Halloween is a very popular occasion at outside country. At the day of Halloween we saw people with different looks makeup and ideas. And we see many different and innovative ideas at the day of Halloween. We can do some many different makeup style at that the looks so crazy and weird both. Many people paint face with different makeup ideas and in a very different ways with using blood color and cutes and many different type of face makeup. We celebrate Halloween at October 31. And at that time everyone wants that the look different and weird then other and make their own presences at that day. To look different from other we are going to tell you so many different makeup ideas mostly for woman have to make their look more horrible at Halloween day.



  • Evil makeup–it’s a scare makeup with highlighted red color and dark shades. In this makeup we get a look like evil and make a different look on Halloween. We use dark shades and scare props and makeup style in this makeup.


  • Zombie look–it’s a scare and different look on Halloween. This look is so famous in mans and woman’s both and its looks so horrible and scare at the time of Halloween. And if we apply this makeup on Halloween then it will give you a different looks and scare appearance.


  • Dear look–it’s a simple and attractive look for Halloween. In this makeup we get a look like dear. In this makeup we use dark and light both types of shades of brown makeup and with dotes on mouth which gives you complete look of dear makeup.


  • Evil queen look–it’s a evil wamp queen look with dark black shades and with black massy gown and fizzy hairs this look is so different and stylish and give you a new trendy different look at Halloween.


  • Creepy Barbie Doll–this makeup is also so different and scare we all love dolls but the horrible doll is style makeup is one of best makeup look at Halloween day. In this style of makeup we use white liner to highlight eyes and black shade to make creepy mount of doll. Its look so horrible creepy and scare at this day.


  • Kitty look–we you follow and like smoky and cat eye look for regular apply then this look is easier for you. You can easily apply this makeup at this day with using simple few makeup items which is easily available at your makeup bag. It’s so simple just apply makeup of eyes at your nose and lips and your cat look is ready.



  • Sexy Scary Vampire look–if you want to look sexy and creepy at same time then vampire look is best for you this makeup can give you both look at same time and make your makeup more scare and different. Just make your eye smoky and apply some red color as a blood on mouth and your look is ready.



So there are so many different look for woman on this Halloween. To scare everyone and to look different.


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