Dear grandma thank you for these beauty secrets

Dear grandma thank you for these beauty secrets

we all want beautiful and clean natural skin for that we use so many market available products and that make skin beautiful for less time because the content chemical and when we use these products then its make skin beautiful for some time and after that the make skin dull and harsh and we start facing so many skin issue and problem.

To make skin beautiful the best products is natural products. Some time we hear that these natural products are best for skin. And we also hear about this from over grandmother. The told various different type of products to make skin beautiful.

Over grandmother told so many beauties secrete that make over skin beautiful and clear and clean naturally. These beauty secrete are best and give naturally beautiful and last longer beauty effects.

There are so many beauty secrete are still used by people for naturally beauty. Here are some grandmother secrete are still for you to make you beautiful and pretty. Here are some grandmother tips for you for naturally clean and beautiful skin.


Grandma beauty secretes:


  • Potato for skin problem: grandmother told that potato is best for skin problem mainly for dark circle. It’s also a best product for brighten skin. When we use this it make skin healthy and beautiful and remove all skin problem and make skin brighten and beautiful. So it’s one of best grandma beauty secrete which still working best and make you beautiful.


  • Turmeric: turmeric is a best beauty remedy. It’s used by people from ancient time. We found various healthy properties in turmeric like anti septic, anti bacterial and anti oxidant etc. it’s a best treatment for acne and for their scare. It will also make skin bright and clear and make skin fair also; it’s used from so many times ago and its make you naturally beautiful.


  • Honey for skin: over Graney use honey for different face mask and pack. Honey is not only good for health it’s also best for skin and skin problem. It make skin brighten and fair and remove various skin problem and make skin clear and provide proper moisturization to your skin. You can also use this for beautiful whiten skin with different face mask and pack.


  • Lemon for pimple and acne: lemon is best remedy from ancient time. When we face the problem of pimple and acne and there scare over grandmother told us the best way to remove this is lemon juice. Just take a lemon and squeeze it and then apply this juice on face with using cotton ball and leave it for whole night and then rinse out at morning. It will give you best effect and remove all your scare and pimple.


  • Cucumber: to bleach skin grandma told the best idea to use cucumber. It’s a best bleaching agent and makes skin healthy and clear naturally. It also remove scare and make skin healthy and clean and some time its make skin clear and naturally bleach the skin. We can use cucumber juice and pulp for this. It’s also a best remedy by grandma to make skin beautiful and clear.


  • Gram flour: grandma told that gram flour is best for skin and it make skin clear and healthy, we can use this as a face pack or mask it clean skin pores and make skin healthy and clear and remove all the skin issue also. So next time use gram flour face mask to make skin


So if you also want beautiful skin then follow the tips of grandma that make your skin healthy and beautiful and say thanks to your grandma for these beautiful tips that make your skin healthy and clean… thanks grandma for these beauty secrete.

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