Days Sacred Heart Diet for a Healthy You

Days Sacred Heart Diet for a Healthy You

Disease related to heart and gums are very common these days. Disease mostly depend on the type of food we are having daily. Heart is a sensitive organ of our body. So need extra care. You might have came across many remedies for heart issues. But you have to know about the reasons for these issues. Because every body has different capabilities and stamina to adjust with the medicines.

A perfect diet will help to fight with the disease. Here, we are giving you tips for healthy diet which will help you to get over your heart problems just in a week.

Sacred heart Diet is a soup diet to be followed for 7 days. It was supposed to be created by Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital as a diet for those who intake it before undergo surgery. It has been called by the names Spokane Heart Diet, Cleveland Clinic Diet and Miami Heart Institute Diet. There are various types of soups based on the ingredients, some use cabbages, some mix soda in it. But there is a common ingredient list for the Sacred Heart Diet Soup.

It is a 7 day dietary planner. It contains a soup recipe and guides food intake for those 7 days. The dieter is advised to take the soup at least one serving a day. The original correct recipe is not found but the most acceptable soup with these ingredients as Sacred Heart Diet Soup.


Sacred Heart Diet Soup –

Ingredients :

  1. Stewed tomatoes – 1 or 2
  2. Large green onions – 3 or more
  3. Chicken noodle soup mix – 1 package
  4. Fat free beef broth – 1 large can
  5. Celery – 1 bunch
  6. Green beans – 2 cans
  7. Carrots – 2 pounds
  8. Green peppers – 2

Some versions use chicken broth for beef broth.


Procedure –

Chop all the vegetables as the desired pieces. Boil water in a soup pot and add the chopped vegetables into it. Boil for 10 minutes. Keep it in simmer. Allow the contents to cook as it becomes tender. Add salt, pepper, hot sauce, Worcestershire or Bouillon, as desired.


7 days dietary plan :

One can consume several servings of soup in a day. Carbonated drinks and alcohol should be avoided. The dieter should intake 2 litres of water in a day. The dieter will be allowed to drink unsweetened juices.


Day 1 :

All fruits other than banana is advisable along with the soup.


Day 2 :

Take more amount of vegetables as peas, green leafy vegetables and corn. It may be raw or cooked or canned. Avoid taking potato, if tempted, have baked potato with a small amount of butter.


Day 3 :

The dieter should intake a mixture of vegetables and fruits. Baked potato and banana should be avoided.


Day 4 :

The dieter is advised to intake soup and skimmed milk for the whole day. Consume high quantity of milk is allowed but more than 3 bananas is not allowed.


Day 5 :

The dieter can consume soup as much as they like, and is allowed to take 10 -20 ounces beef with 6 tomatoes.


Day 6 :

Take beef and veggies along with soup. Avoid potatoes.


Day 7 :

Fruit juices, veggies with brown rice are advisable.


Allowed fruit juices :

Unsweetened juices, herbal tea, coffee, cranberry juice, skimmed milk, large quantity of water is advisable.


Result :

It results in losing weight around 10 to 15 pounds and helps in healthy heart function. Doctors do not ask to skip meals. But they usually prefer healthy diet.


Note : Sacred Heart Diet is familiar. Before following the diet, consult your specialist.

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