Cure hair fungal

Cure hair fungal

Fungal is a very common deases its effect people very easy lee and also infects so it’s so important to treat this as soon as possible. We found fungal problem any wear on body like finger head and any part of body. It’s so important to take care of body from fungal. When we face the problem of infection then we face the problem of itchiness first it’s a first sign of infection. There are so many home treatments available with which you can treat fungal easily and make skin healthy and strong easily. Here is some simple home remedy for fungal.


  • Home remedies—for any type of fungal and cure home remedy are best. Fungal can increase very easily and make a fig infection so it’s good to treat fungal as soon as possible. Otherwise it will spare around all over the body so always try to treat this as soon as possible and apply home remedy which are so effective on this and remove fungal as soon as possible.


  • Tea tree oil–it well works best to treat any type of fungal and cure and make hair and scalp healthy and beautiful. Take some tea tree oil and apply this on effected area and then massage for some time regular use of tea tree oil can reduce this problem quickly apply twice and three in a day on effected area.


  • Garlic juice–it is a natural product to treat fungal and found anti-fungal property in this. It’s also good for hair lose and so many other problems. Take a garlic cut into slices and apply on effected area these pieces directly levee for overnight and you can also apply paste of this on area for better result. Its best remedy for fungal.


  • Apply vinegar–it have also antifungal property take some apply side vinegar and apply on effected area twice in a day and use cotton to apply this and then se the different after two days. It will much reduce the fungal.


  • Jojoba oil–take one tablespoon of jojoba oil and mix one tablespoon of lavender oil and mix it well and then apply on effected area with cotton and leave it for some time. We found anti fungal property in jojoba oil.


  • Turmeric–turmeric have best anti fungal property it will help to solve all type of fungal property from hair just take juice of fresh turmeric and apply this on hair using cotton bud and rest for some time and after some time wash. it for better result use twice in a week.


These simple remedies can give you effective result on cure fungal. And give you complete treatment to get rid out from this problem and these remedies can give so quick and effective result on cure fungal.

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