Comic inspired Eye and Lip Makeup-Tutorial

Comic inspired Eye and Lip Makeup-Tutorial

Comic inspired makeup is one of the fantastic ideas to choose during any special fantasy celebrations such as birthday parties, Halloween celebrations or any costume parties. This type of eye and lip makeup attracts more people and you will obviously become “Talk of the party”.


Let us check how to do Comic inspired eye and lip makeup:

  1. Conceal and moisturize the eye area:

Just before starting the makeup, it is very important to keep the eye lids and “under eye areas” soft and smooth by moisturizing it using an eye cream. Gently dot it on under eye area and rub smoothly using your fingers.


Now choose a exact concealer that is three shades lighter than your skin tone and apply it to all delicate areas of your eyes (eye lid, under eye are and around the eyes). If you have dark eye circles then make use of compact powder on that area before applying concealer. This will prevent creasing and smudging of the concealer and also helps in hiding your dark circles.


  1. Choose a warm eye shadow color:

Now choose a warm purple toned eye shadow color with matte finish and apply it on your eye lids gently. It is always best to make use of your own fingers to apply eye shadow on your eye lids. Now take a small fluffy brush to blend this eye shadow evenly and seamlessly to give a natural look.


  1. Enhance your eye makeup with eye liner:

Now choose a best black liquid eye liner and apply thick line on the outline area of your upper eye lash. This is very important to have a comic touch in your eye makeup.


  1. Do more with the eye liner:

Now after applying eye liner to the outline area of the upper eye lash, draw a thick line immediately below your eye brows which gives you a perfect comic look. This will also give a deeper look to your eyes.


  1. Apply suitable kajal to the waterline and lash line:

Now to expose the eyes bigger, make use of creamy nude kajal or liner and apply it to your water line area. Now apply black gel liner to your lower lash line below the nude creamy liner. This will define your eyes perfectly for the Comic makeup.


  1. Use false eye lashes:

Now make use of the fake eye lashes to expose your eyes huge and voluminous. This is a very important step to depict you in a comic character. Also, apply thick mascara to your eye lashes to make it more voluminous.


  1. Now comes the comic look:

Any kind of comic makeup can be inspired from the children’s book or Hollywood movies or from any posters. Thus, choose any favorite comic character and try to stick on the mood of the character.


For instance, if we are going to imitate any character from children’s book. Just imagine that the character is depicted with worried face and tears. To bring that exact mood of that character, let us make use of bright blue eye shadow and blue liquid eyeliner to create a blob of tears in the “Under eye areas” of both the eyes.


To achieve that, create an outline of tears in your “under eye area” and now fill up that area with the blue eye shadow using a fluffy brush. Blend the eye shadow seamlessly to look natural.


Now you are all set and ready with your comic inspired Eye makeup.


Now let us take a quick look of how to do comic inspired lip makeup.

  1. Step 1:

Draw an outline on your lips using a matte finish lip liner. Let the line be perfect without any flaws.


  1. Step 2:

Take a small fluffy brush and start applying your lip stick in the same color of your lip liner. Let the lip stick color be glossy too.


  1. Step 3:

Again line your outline area of the lips using a dark matte finished black lip liner to resemble a comic character. You can make use of thin eye liner brush to apply this black lip liner.   Now your lip looks highlighted with this black outline along with your favorite lip stick color.


  1. Step 4:

Now gently apply a “Matte black eye shadow” to the center of the lower lips. This will greatly change your look into a comic character.


  1. Step 5:

Make use of “Matte white eye pencil or eye shadow” and simply apply it slightly to the outer most area of the lower lips.


  1. Step 6:

The black and white eye shadow combination will give you a perfect look of your favorite comic character.


  1. Step 7:

Now you are all set and ready to participate in any kind of fantasy parties and can turn everyone’s attention towards you.

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