Clove oil for acne

Clove oil for acne

Pimple and acne no one like this and the most hated thing is his scare. We use so many products to remove this but all goes fail. Clove oil is one of best remedy to treat acne and his marks. It’s one of best remedy for pimple and his marks. We found and anti bacterial property in clove oil who helps to fight with acne and pimple and his masks.  It’s too hard to apply this oil directly on skin so first try to apply this oil with mixing with some other oil and make your skin gentle and beautiful. Some doctors also recommend this oil to treat pimple and scare and its works great on them.


Types of Clove Oil— There are three types of clove oils are available. They are…

Clove bud oil–its most common oil use at regular basic. It’s made with clove bud and its use mostly

Clover leaf oil–it’s made up with clove tree leave.

Clove stem oil–it’s a pure clove oil so it’s only use for industrial purposes.


Important topic while using clove oil

  • It’s very strong oil and if we use directly on skin then it will irritate to your skin. So don’t use this directly on skin.
  • It’s too hard to apply directly on skin because it may burn your skin so be careful while using this on acne problem.
  • It’s too hard oil for skin so you may also face skin allergy with this so always try to avoid this use on skin directly.
  • It’s a very hard oil which burn your skin so be careful while using this otherwise it may burn your skin.


How to use clove oil for pimple–clove oil is too hard to use directly on skin. It’s irritated skin too much and burn skin. Take olive oil and then mix this oil with some drop of clove oil and then mix gently. Mix it well and apply on pimple acne and his marks. Take a cotton bud to apply this on skin and finger pores to apply on skin. It’s very good for skin and makes skin glowing and remove the entire problem related to skin.


Perfect and proper use off clove oil can help you to get rid out of from the problem of pimple and his marks and give you effective and fast result to treat this problem. But always be careful before using this on face.

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