Choline – Amazing Benefits, Rich Foods and Supplements

Choline – Amazing Benefits, Rich Foods and Supplements

Choline is mainly an important nutrient that is soluble in water. This essential nutrient is used in many of the life processes in the human body.

This extremely important nutrient is in the prevention of fat build-up in the liver. What is more important is that it helps in the proper functioning off the brain cells, that is, neurons and also lead to their production.

Studies have found the presence of extremely high amounts of choline in infants as well as children.Thus, it is quite clear why children have more IQ in the growing periods.

It also needs to be mentioned that choline effectively helps to prevent problems related to the brain like headache, lack of concentration and so many others


Below is the suggested intake level of Choline:

0–6 months: 125 mg per day

7–12months: 150 mg per day

1–3 years:200 mg per day

9-13years:375 mg per day

14-18 years: 450 mg per day

19- 24 years:500 mg per day

25 years and older:550 mg per day


Major health benefits of Choline:

There are several health benefits of choline that most of you might be blissfully unaware of. Some of these are listed below:

  1. Structural of cell membranes:Choline is used in the cells to synthesize phospholipids, phosphatidylcholine and sphinogomyelin, and these are needed for cell membrane
  1. Maintaining proper Liver function:Lack of choline in our body cause several problems in metabolism. Even it may lead to a condition which is called fatty liver, and levels of cholesterols and bad fatty acids may increase in the blood by leaps and bounds.
  1. Maintaining a sound Nervous System:Choline assists to form the cholinergic nerve cells(neurons).This is extremely important for maintaining perfect brain conditions and a sound nervous system. Choline helps to improve verbal reasoning, logical reasoning, proper body balance, faster and better thought processing, and better communication in the brain itself. Choline also helps to reduce fatigue related to the human brain, and studies have proved successfully that a better choline level also help you to learn any new thing quite fast and even in an effective manner, and also helps you to retain the learnt subjects for a longer period of time.
  1. Prevention of cancer:Good amount of choline in the body is known to fight cancer in excellent ways.
  1. Growth & Development:Choline helps a lot for proper growth and development of the body during the growth periods.
  1. Skin health:The good news for everyone is that it helps a lot to maintain a glowing and radiant skin.
  1. Firm skin:What is more, choline helps to prevent aging and reduces signs of aging, by prevention of sagging of the skin.
  1. Boosts energy levels: Choline is also known to boost the energy levels in your body as well as your moods. This is one of the major benefits of choline in your body.
  1. Prevention of headache: Choline also helps to get a sound sleep and helps a lot during stress and depressions. What is more, it also helps to prevent headaches that may be caused due to several factors. It can prevent insomnia in many people.

Foods that is rich in choline:

  1. Pastured Eggs:Egg yolks are excellent sources of choline
  1. Liver:Liver of meat, chicken and beef are excellent sources of choline.
  1. Milk and Dairy products:Milk and dairy products are extremely rich in choline.
  1. Soaked Nuts and Legumes:Legumes are perhaps one of the best sources of choline.
  1. Vegetables:Vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli are also in the list or being great sources of choline.


Choline Supplements that you can take

  1. Vitamin Shoppe Choline & Inositol
  2. Nature’s Way Choline
  3. Hosphatidyl Choline
  4. Health plus Super Choline Vitamin B Supplement
  5. CiticolineCdp Choline


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