Cholesterol Hair Treatment

Cholesterol Hair Treatment

Hair damage has several reasons. To maintain the social life, we are mostly into styling our hair using the branded products. To set a particular hair style, a specific gel is to be used or give the hair a heat styling. And many more!!! These are the main causes behind hair fall. We are quite ignorant about such facts. Hence we lack the hair care which should be taken accordingly.

Now these damages cannot be cured by using the market based products. To restore the original hair we need to go for natural treatment. The lost moisture and softness of the hair can be rejuvenated once again by such treatment. You may be surprised to know that cholesterol hair treatment makes sense in this regard. It is categorized into many types. Let us see what exactly cholesterol hair treatment is and what are the types.


Cholesterol hair treatment:

Cholesterol hair treatment involves the use of cholesterol or cholesterol-based products on the scalp and hair to enhance the growth of hair. Cholesterol-based products such as mayonnaise are easily available and can be employed in numerous ways looking at the suitability of the hair.


Cholesterol hair treatment as a massage:

Hot oil massage treatment is always followed when we need to restore the lost moisture of the hair. Dryness is caused due to lack of moisture and hence the softness is gradually weakened. Generally when we set to colour our hair then intense dryness may occur. At this stage, a hot oil massage is necessary. But normal oil massage may not help to that extent. Here we need the cholesterol oil. Heat this oil and allow it to warm a little. Apply on the cleansed scalp. Wrap up the hair with a plastic cap and keep as such for one minute. Wash it off with your regular conditioner.


Cholesterol hair treatment as a pack:

It is an age old treatment for hair when the hair colour was newly used. This treatment is preferred mostly when your hair undergoes heat styling. Homemade cholesterol includes mayonnaise and the combination of oil and eggs. This leaves the hair with extra softness and restores the moisture of the scalp. Thus the hair roots are made stronger and hence voluminous hair growth is obtained. Whatever hair style you carry on with, will give you the best look with such dense hair. You can take direct mayonnaise for the purpose of this cholesterol treatment. Damp your hair and apply a cup of mayonnaise. Massage it thoroughly and leave it as such for twenty minutes. Wash off with you regular shampoo. These days mayonnaise is available which leave a sweet fragrance after use.


Cholesterol hair treatment as a conditioner:

Most hair professionals opt for this treatment to condition the hair deeply. Cholesterol deep conditioning is the available treatment. Apply the conditioner all over the hair. Cover it up using a plastic cap. Keep as such for about five minutes. Then wrap a warm towel around your head to keep it covered. Leave for fifteen minutes. For more damaged hair you can proceed to keep it for an hour. This treatment always gives assured result and makes the hair smooth and silky shine.


Well here we are using cholesterol for external use only. Do not forget that. The intake of cholesterol does no progress in general health and hair care. Hence it is better to avoid the cholesterol consumption and try taking less cholesterol foods. Rather it should be used for hair treatment to get the most beautiful hair. Complete hair care should be maintained to make the most of this treatment as and when required. Then you can opt for any hair style and hair colour. All the best!!!

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