Cheek makeup Tricks and Tips

Cheek makeup Tricks and Tips

Cheek makeup is used to blush our cheeks. For blush we can use makeup product. we give some advices.

Choose blush:

Before applying the blush we need to choose blush according to our face color.

  • First we choose the blush shade according to our skin type for illustrate some girls are have more fair skin complexion or some girls are have light dark complexion or some girls are have dark complexion.
  • We use powder and gel based color for oily skin and crème is best for normal to dry skin. This shade should match our natural coloring
  • Select color shade blush according to our skin color.

Choose best blush brush:

You should be known about it that you may choose the best quality brushes. Note that you should not be used cheap and low quality brushes. If you choose low quality brushes it may be waste your makeup.

Get a sculpted Face:

If we have a sculpted face than apply blush direct on the cheekbones and lines too. If you want to look beautiful and spot free skin than we need to choose warmer colors in dimensions to our face. If we wish to deeply cheekbones than we used to a bronzer two shade darker than our skin.

Get dewy face:

We apply foundation on our face and applying the cream blush. Blends it gently onto the cheekbones on our face. After that applying liquid highlighter over cream blush on our face for gorgeous skin.

Choose cheek makeup [Day or night]:

At day, we should be choosing subtle blush colors which will give us a diffused look.  At night, we should be chosen rock deeper and dramatic shades to look beautiful and gorgeous.

Don’t use blotchy cheek makeup:

If we will apply blush without foundation than it make our skin blotchy. And we look unattractive.


Use light hand for cheek makeup:

We should be using bright balls of colors that are amazing for painting but won’t look good our cheeks. Always start with light hand. Pick up lesser amount of product and work with it.


  • For long time blush on our face than we should be used good long lasting blushes which have excellent staying power.
  • After that we take some blush kit with different shades. So, we should be choosing one shade according to our skin type.

We should be known about our complexions some women have light complexion, some have dark complexion. So use the right blush shade according to our complexion.

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