Celebrity Hairstyles

Celebrity Hairstyles

Whenever you want to be the center of a party then your hair play a big role in it. If you bored with your old hair style and planning to change it? Imagine yourself as a celebrity does it makes you feel amazing? off course yes. Now the question arises that how to design your hairs like a celebrity? Your search ends here in this section you will learn how to make your hairs beautiful and healthy.


How To Choose The Hairstyle?

You should be up to dated about fashion and trends. Once you have decided to recreate your looks then search for your limits first. Here the limit word stands for the shape of your face, types of your hairs, skin tone (As hairstyling includes coloring the hairs too) etc. Never go with your choice of celebrity because this is not sure that their style will suit you always go with the style which suits you as it is not about copying your faviourite celebrity. Search the internet or magazines for the style you want and review it carefully then you can go with your favourite hairstyle.


Things which should be kept in mind while choosing any hairstyle:

Your face cut and the face of cut choosen celebrity should be a bit same. The color you choose with the style should match with it. The effects of the style and color you choose must be kept in mind too.

Here are some suggestive celebrity hairstyles which can be very helpful for you. Some of these are very easy you can try at home and some are a bit difficult to perform and for them you should go to the experts.


Selena Gomez Long Wavy Hair Style:- If you have oval, square or diamond face shape them and long hair and want to change the hairstyle while not making the hairs much shorter then this herestyle will suit you. Is this style the long hairs are cut a bit to give your hairs wavy look. This hairs style needs a regular care as the hairs are long. Coloring can add a good effect to your looks so it can be used too. You can try this hairstyle with our without making the hairs curly. It depands on yur choice and face cut. Hair spray or moisturizer can be used for making the hairs look more beautiful.



Rihana Short Straight Hair Style :- This hair style is best suitable with the person having oval, Heart or diamond face shape.Some people thinks that its difficult to care long hairs. So you can choose the rihana short straight hair style. Hairs are cut short and made straight too. In this type of style the color effects does not suits that much but if you are color lover then can add coloring effect. This style is quite same as the hair style famous in India called “Sadhna Cut”. One should use cosmatics while having this hair style to make the hairs look wet and shiny because dry short hairs are not that good. Products like Hair spray and moulding creams can be very useful with this hair cut.



Jennifer Aniston Medium Straight Hairstyle:- This hair style is probably the best for evrey working woman as it is very easy to maintain. The round, oval or Triangular face shapes are very much suitable for this hair cut. In this the length of hairs is neither short nor that much long. The hairs are made straight by straightner. You should cut the hairs regularly in 6-7 weeks. This hairs style looks much better when the hair density is thin and the texture is medium. Smoothing shine is very useful products for making your hairs look more pretty.



Emma watson Casual Straight Updo Hair style:- This hairstyle is a bit more time consuming then the styles above but gives a beautiful look too. The most of hairs are bound over the head with help of pins and some of the hairs are left to fall down behind and ahead the ears. Teenagers love this hair cut very much. The falling must be well straight if these hairs are curly or wavy then not give the best look. This needs many hair equipments to make tihs hair style. One should roll the hairs then pin the right amount of hairs carefull. After pinning the falling hairs are to be done straight too. Although its time consuming and difficult to maintain but will give you an awesome look.



Pamela Anderson Casual Curly Half up hair Cut:- Its very fancy hair style which gives you a pretty look. Round face shape is perfect for this although it can suit the Oval, heart and triangular face shape too. The length of hairs is medium. Hairs are straight above and only the falling hairs will have the curly wavy look. This hairstyle needs product of mousse, wax, hairs shiner, hair straightner, hair spray etc. This hair cut does not have any age bar it can be handy with any of the age group. For making the waves look good you can play with the ends of your hairs by pinching and twisting them while feeling bored.


Although these hair cuts are easy and can be done at home but gives a great experience when are done by experts. Products must be used with all hair types to maintain your hairs pretty as well as healthy. While choosing any hair cut or hair product review it carefully so that you wont harm your hairs as hairs play a very big role in every woman’s beauty. There are many more hair cuts from which you can choose. Among all the hair styles these are the most famous, amazing and easy to maintain hair cuts. Now your search has ended so its time to choose one of these hair cute and make your hairs party ready anytime. Try the best hair cut with suitable products and make yourself feel pretty and let the world jealous by your beauty.

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