Causes of Psoriasis

Causes of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a common skin condition or a fungal infection. Basically it’s a skin disease. In this condition skin become dry and itchy and we face the problem of cut and burn which make the problem of swelling and redness. In Psoriasis skin become so much dry and the healthy skin tissues get fry and it cause Psoriasis on top layer of skin. This problem can affect anyone. It’s mostly seen in the people age with 15 to 35. In the cause of Psoriasis skin cells start growing faster than any other common person skin cells. Over body have a naturally process to make skin cells but in the cause of Psoriasis skin cells grow slow and the upper layer take to much time to get dry and the this dry skin cause called Psoriasis.

There are so many types of reason and cause to having skin Psoriasis. When anyone can face this problem people take so many decision that what kind of Psoriasis it was. Today we are going to tell how many type of skin Psoriasis will see in human.


Cause of having Psoriasis:

  • Genetic Psoriasis cause: it’s one of common problem of having Psoriasis. When in family any one can face this problem of having problem of Psoriasis then its genetic that in next generation people face this problem because gens are transfer to one generation to another. It’s a common problem of having Psoriasis and research also say that mostly 10 % of people facing the problem of Psoriasis are reason only behind that in their family many people face this problem and when gens transfers then next generation also face this problem. So it’s one of common problem of having Psoriasis.


  • Eniveorment Psoriasis cause: some time eniveorment is also cause the problem of Psoriasis. It’s also a strange fact. Eniveorment play a ganger role to transfer Psoriasis from one person to another and it will give increment to Psoriasis problem. There are so many common reason of having Psoriasis in human like stress, skin injury, sunburn, bug bites and any cut on skin cause the problem of Psoriasis. Some type infection on skin also cause problem of Psoriasis and some time different type of medicine also cause this problem so there are so many eniveorment facts which cause the problem of Psoriasis in human.


  • Immune system: your immune system plays a best role to deal with any type of problem and disease. But some time when its gets worst it will also play worst role to make you unhealthy. In some condition your body cells react apposite and your immune system work different and we face so many problems and disease is one of them. When we face the problem of disease over immune system work faster. Which produce so many problems and increase the problem of different type of disease and Psoriasis.


  • Medicine cause Psoriasis: some time so many medicines over react and we face the problem of Psoriasis. There are several medicines which make this problem of Psoriasis bigger. Lithium, Antimalarials, Inderal, Quinidine, Indomethacin are some common problem which process more the problem of Psoriasis In this medicine. There are so many Hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine, Hydroxy are some common drugs which are taken by people to treat several problem but these medicine also cause some different problem also like So medicine can also cause the problem of Psoriasis on skin.


So there are so many problems which process the problem of Psoriasis and increase to. Several causes depends on this that Psoriasis cause with different causes and increase this problem of Psoriasis. So these are so cause which produces Psoriasis problem.

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