Causes of dark Circle you should be Aware for

Causes of dark Circle you should be Aware for

In today’s hectic world where nobody have time for proper care of him/ herself Sooner or later problems of dark circle under the eyes will come this problem effects both male and female or sometimes it affects children also. Generally with age the skin will become bit thin and collagen is reduces it effects place under your eyes and sometime blood vessels under the eyes appearce and it makes that place appear darks.

Stress and fatigue enhance the tendency of developing dark circle on persons face other hand commonly people thought that sleeping, exhaustion excess amount of work on computer are the reason behind dark circles.

Causes behind dark circle:

  • Aging: with the age your skin around your eyes becomes thinner which make blood vessels more prominently and because of skin under the eyes is thin it causing into dark circle.


  • Genetics: Sometimes this problem can be transfer genetically and hereditary so it also play an important factor behind dark circle, behind your eyes.


  • Deficiency of Nutrition’s: it is found that dark circles arise around your eyes sometimes because of nutritional deficiency Healthy and balanced diet full with nutrition’s and vitamins like A, C, K, E can also prevent dark circles from your face.


  • Smoking and Drinking : bad habits like smoking and Drinking is play major role because it effects your skin very badly which results in dark eye circles. Excessive drinking case sign of losing water from your body which are results into dark circles.


  • Over sun exposure: Over Exposure of your body in sun can reproduce the pigmentation of the skin and making dark circles and it also produce more melanin around your eyes result into a darker colour. Epidermis and dermis are two important layers of your skin and if excess amount of melanin effects very badly to these layers of your skin and results your skin appear brown.


  • Hormonal changes: during the period of pregnancy skin of woman goes into lot’s of hormonal changes which sometimes effects their skin and causing darkness under their eyes.


  • Allergies: Rubbing and scratching of skin under eye also effects into dark circles so conditions which causes the eyes to itch effects badly. Around your eyes sometimes specially in children’s food allergies also become a cause of black circle under the eyes.


Dark circles causes and links to diseases:


Anemia dark circle: in many cases it found that causes behind dark circles is due to lack of iron. How level of iron in body is commonly from of anemia and it reduce the supply of oxygenation of blood which result into poor oxygenation in body tissues. So for preventing this you should always consume balanced diet which is rich in green leafy vegetables, fruits, dairy products helps keeping your body healthy.


Dehydration and dark circle: it is found that dehydration is most common case of dark circles around your eyes. The reason around eyes seems dark if body doesn’t have specific amount of water than symptoms of dark circle are very evident. So preventing this it is advisable to have at least 8-10 glass of water and consume fresh fruits in daily balanced diet and it is also beneficial if restrict intake of drinking heaving caffeine in it like tea, alcohol, coffee because they aggravate dehydration which is not good for your skin.


Liver Disease & dark circles: Tlepatitis is an example of liver ailment and dark circles indicate some of these ailment liver ailment which sooner or later become very big trouble so if you cure it before it started effects your body badly the possibility of curing is vast.


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