Every man or woman love to have silky and shiny hair and for this we all do a lot of things , some of us go with natural  home-made  ingredients or some others go with different cosmetic products. In case of hair care dandruff is consider as one very common problem which is also known as Pityriasis or Scruff and nobody knows the exact cause, different people have different reason behind this but nobody strictly can say about the main cause behind dandruff.  A lot of people ask themselves about the cause behind dandruff because if you know it well reason behind any problem then only you easily able to get rid from that problem same thing is in case of dandruff. But don’t worry friends we are here going you to tell some causes behind dandruff which may help you in preventing yourself away from dandruff.


-SOME REASON BEHIND DANDRUFF- There is so many factors behind dandruff like hygiene factors and we are going to mention some reason of dandruff.


-DRY SKIN TYPE-Dry skin type is consider as one of the major reason behind dandruff, So it is important for those peoples who has dry skin type to provide proper care of their skin and prevent your hair from dandruff.


-SKIN SENSITIVE TO YEAST-  If you consider yourself sensitive to yeast then avoid food items that containing yeast in themselves due to allergies .And if you find that you have more dandruff problem in summer then that of winter then make sure to avoid these food articles because it is also become a reason behind dandruff. Generally you found less dandruff problem in summers then winter the major reason behind this is the UVA and UVB rays during summer.


-DIRT IN SCALP-Dirty scalp is also one of the major reason behind dandruff dirty scalp shows the accumulation of unwanted dead skin cells and dirt which can cause dandruff very easily.


-Dirty scalp very easily attracts lots of microbes. And can easily become a reason behind dandruff because of fungal growth or due to because of yeast.


-Excess presence of dead skin cells can also become a serious source behind dandruff.


-To avoid this make sure that you wash your head at regular interval and try to keep your scalp quite clear because dandruff is consider as major reason behindhair fall.


-INSUFFICIENT OF COMBING- Brushing your hair properly is very helpful in ensuring that your hair is quite clear so do your scalp is dirt free, so proper combing every day is very important as it helps in removing dead skin cells from your scalp and it helps effectively in preventing yourself from dandruff.


-SKIN RELATED DISEASES-This is also an major cause behind dandruff, some disease like eczema, psoriasis and others they may affect your scalp and become a reason behind dandruff, so friends if you face any symptoms regarding these skin diseases we advise you to rush to the doctor and take his advice.


-STEROID DOSAGE OR LONG TERM MEDICATION- If someone gets high dosage of drugs and steroid then it may become a reason behind dandruff and if any of you face this type of trouble then he or she must consult with hid Dr. as soon as possible otherwise it drag him to baldness. So before it happen consult with your dermatologist and get rid from this problem.


So friends these are some very basic tips regarding dandruff which you should be aware of, hope this content help you in taking proper care of your hair and in getting silky as well as in getting shiny hairs.

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