Care for Dry Hair

Care for Dry Hair

Dry hair is a problem always that we need remedies to reset our hair to smooth and lustrous as well as healthy. Here we have some gentle tips to soften the dry hair.

Healthy Tips


  1. Allot time

Allot separate time to take care of your hair to remove tangles and dressing. It is as much important as taking food for the nourishment of the body. Find at least 30 minutes a day. Choose from 12 am to 12 pm, you have 24 hours a day.


  1. Oil massage

Oil application is very vital for the roots as we drink water. There lies a bad impression on those who apply oil and go out. Dry hair could bring only baldness, what will others give when you go bald? So apply oil daily for your hair. Application of 3 to 4 drops of oil in the morning and a spoonful of oil in the evening will keep your dry hair soft and strengthen.


  1. Use mixture of oils

Take a bowl and add 10 ml of Neem Oil. Add 10 ml of Coconut Oil and 10 ml of Gingely oil. Mix well and store it near your bed. Apply as much as you care for your hair, daily before going to sleep. If you feel oily, take hair bath with any natural shampoos. Regular oil application will make your hair strengthen and soften.


  1. Coconut milk

Apply a bowl of coconut milk all over the hair and rinse after 15 to 20 minutes. It will make your hair soften.


  1. Curd massage

Curd is good for conditioning your hair. It reduces heat and softens the hair. Apply a bowl of curd all over the hair and gently massage the scalps. Then leave it for 4 to 5 minutes. The time is limited because someone might catch cold. Rinse well with water and then with a mild natural shampoo. Regular application of curd will definitely soften your hair for sure.


  1. Curry leaves

Dry curry leaves and powders it. Mix it with the coconut milk or oil or curd that you apply and massage. Curry leaves are good for hair growth. Consume the fresh leaves, if you can.



  1. Prepare your own oil

Take 250 ml of Coconut oil in a bowl. Grind a handful of curry leaves and make as small rounds. Grind a handful of neem leaves and make small rounds. Cut down the aloe Vera substance in pieces. Boil the coconut oil and add the grinded curry leaves rounded paste and fry. Drip out the paste when fried. It could be used for some other kitchen recipes. Then add aloe Vera pieces and fry. Be careful that aloe Vera is wet and it might sprinkle the oil out. Remove the pieces when fried. Finally add the neem paste rounds and fry. The essence will be mixed with the oil and remove it when it fried. Leave it to cool. Then store it in a jar and place near your bed.

Apply regularly all over your hair until the tip. It will work as you like.


  1. Oils and usage

Gingely oil application will provide you strengthened hair. Coconut oil will provide you lustrous healthy soft hair. Neem oil will cure the lacks and plays as a remedy or cure. It will keep your head free of dandruff and maintains neatness. Olive oil will make your hair healthy lustrous one.


  1. Lemon application

Take a lemon and juice it in a bowl. Add a spoon of water and mix well. Apply all over the hair from scalp to tip. Leave it for some time and then rinse. You could feel a clean and light head. It makes the hair lustrous and healthy.


  1. Repetition of oil application

Apply 4 to 6 drops of oil all over your hair after hair wash and before dressing your hair. It is vital for dry hair. It would be better if you choose a herbal oil that suits you.


Note: The tips majorly contain oil application. There is nothing equal when compared with oil application in case of dry hair remedies. Keep close with your antique gramdmas and maas.


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