Candida diet

Candida diet

Do you know about Candida? If you are suffering from hives, rashes and psoriasis then it may be the reason of candida. Candida is a type of yeast that is found in your mouth and these micro-organisms plays an important role in digestion and metabolism in your body. But they are present in excess amount then it is not a good thing, it directly affects the intestinal wall and also releases toxins in large amount. This excess candida affects badly so this diet helps to control the population of candida.


Food good for this diet:-

If you want to decrease the candida you want to include non-starchy vegetables in diet. Yogurt is also a good option for you and helps to kill candida. It is also good if you include fresh organic meat, and eggs in your diet. As we know high fiber food is very essential for your health o also add like quinoa, buckwheat and millet in your diet. Fiber is good for eliminating the toxins from the body. Eating herbs is also a good option and help you to get of the candida diet. Drinks like green tea, cinnamon tea, peppermint tea etc are good for you.


Food that are to avoid:-

We know which food is good for you but it is also essential to know which food is bad for you. So let us know, in this diet it is essential to avoid sugar or sugar made food completely like ketchup, honey, syrup, chocolate etc. In this diet sugar is strictly prohibited check labels before eating any food because it will increase the candida level. It is also must to avoid starchy food, and processed meat which contain sugar. Food that contain mold like mushroom, nuts, cashew, peanuts etc are also restricted in this diet.


Here are some recipes which are recommended during this diet.

For breakfast:

• Muffins:-

1. Take 3 eggs and mix it with 2 tablespoon of coconut oil with Stevie.
2. Add millet flour, baking soda, and unsweetened dried coconut.
3. Mix all the ingredients and bake them for 20 minutes.

• Green smoothie:-

1. Take spinach, kale, egg protein powder, cinnamon and ice blend all these ingredients.
2. After blending them your green smoothie is ready.

For lunch and dinner:-

Spicy lime chicken:-

1. Take salt, black pepper, paprika, garlic powder, dried thyme and parsley and mix them and make a coat on chicken.
2. Take a olive oil in a pan and cook it well.
3. Now you dish is ready and serve it.

• Salad:-

1. Take all the leaves (kale, spinach, and basil) and toss them.
2. Tahini dressing is made up of organic tablespoon of organic and squeezes a lemon on it.

These are some recopies are have great benefits of your health and help to lessens the candida and you can enjoy the food.

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