Can you control crazy dreams?

Can you control crazy dreams?

You have just completed a very stressful day and just want to rest now. As soon as you dozed off, you have a dream which is a very crazy one, one which turns out to be one of your worst nightmares. And the result is that you wake up in terror which just adds to your stress. The article here concerns on the ways of how to control these crazy dreams!

Generally, studies have shown that up to 8% of the adult population is suffering from these crazy dreams which results them in waking in terror at least once in a week. These crazy dreams vary widely in the occurrence of events and themes, but experts say that they result in the same thing, that is, reactions of fear, sadness, anger, shame and many other types of negative emotions.


Reasons of crazy dreams:

  1. Anxiety and stress: The basic reason of the crazy dreams is the anxiety and stress of mind that one take to bed with them. This results in dreams of failing in something, etc.


  1. Media: Scary movies, horror serials all play a part of giving your dreams a scary and crazy touch inducing a fear in your mind.


  1. Depression: A very deep sense of depression and negative thinking also play an important part in giving your dreams a crazy touch.


  1. Other factors: The other factors include your personality, environment, medication, drugs, traumatic experiences, pain, migraines, disorders, etc.


Getting rid of crazy dreams:

Some of the ways of getting rid of your crazy dreams are as follows:

  1. One must not go to sleep in a bad or angry mood; one should always try to give him/her time to cool down your mind before you go off to sleep.


  1. In particular, crazy dreams also occur when one goes to sleep right after eating, the reason of it is because foods that take a long time to digest like cheese and meats, results in chances of giving you nightmares.


  1. Crazy dreams also result due to an increased consumption of alcohol and caffeine. Try not to drink or have caffeine in high levels.


  1. You should reduce your exposure to images that pose a violent and negative attitude, especially in the evening time. Horror and scary movies also increase your chances of having crazy dreams.


  1. You should spend time in nature as much as possible.


  1. Try avoiding sleeping on your back. Studies have shown that this prevents you from having dreams of sleep paralysis. This also helps in preventing from breathlessness.


  1. Does YOGA, walking, or Tai chi Doing moderate exercise helps you to get rid of crazy dreams.


  1. If you are going through some stress, try to write it down or vent it out to someone so that you feel better. It helps you to have pleasant and peaceful dreams.


  1. Try to give yourself some self love and acceptance. By this we mean, that try to always praise yourself and love yourself. Don’t have negative points about yourself in your mind.


  1. Crazy dreams can also be prevented by indulging yourself in playing video games. This helps your mind in making it peaceful and happy mood.


These 10 tips are only some of the best tips from a large variety. Crazy dreams always let your sleep uncomfortable leaving your mind in stress and in a state of unrest. But how to control them solely depends on our way of how we face them. We hope that these tips will surely help you out in getting rid of these crazy nightmares and make your sleep peaceful and sound with comfort.

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