Can white rice be a healthy food choice?

Can white rice be a healthy food choice?

Whenever we think about food we always add rice in our diet. Some people think that eating rice is the main cause to increase weight. Rice is a rich source of starch but is it bad for you? Here we discussing about the fact that, Is white rice is good for health? People who are extra conscious for their diet are use brown rice in their diet.
Here is some discussion which proves which rice is better white or brown.


White rice:-

White rice does not have its own benefits; it totally depends on everyone’s body. White rice is polished due to which this makes it less beneficial. People usually think that white rice makes them overweight, but it is not complete truth. For healthy diet it is important to take food at right time and in proper proportion. White rice contain 90% of carbohydrates, 8% contain protein and 2% contains fat.


Brown rice:-

Generally it is recommended to eat brown rice because it is more health than white rice. Brown rice is rich in fiber and also contains vitamin B which is very beneficial in comparison to white rice. It is not even responsible for the weight gain. White rice is also good for diabetics because of its lots of fiber properties. So we know brown rice is more beneficial than white rice.


Which is better white rice or brown rice?

• Brown rice is rich source of fiber and vitamins but white rice does not. It only contains niacin, protein, thiamine, and iron.

• Most of the time white rice can cause abdominal problem, gas, or bloating. So it is suggested to include brown rice in your diet due to its more nutritional value.

• White rice also can constipation problem because it contain less fiber content, so it can cause irritation in your intestine. Always try to cook white rice with vegetable which causes this problem less.

• We know white rice is not recommended for the diabetic person because white rice increases your sugar level. In place of white rice you can choose brown rice if you are diabetic or chances having for that.

These are little information about the white rice or brown rice. We clearly explain the nutritional value of brown rice. White rice does not contain the excess of PUFAs. You know all the value white rice, so people who avoid white rice should include rice in their diet without any worry.

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