Vitamin A and Vitamin C are two most important nutrients which are very necessary for lighten acne scars and mint leaves are rich source of these nutrients. Vitamin C is very essential in lightning those dark spot which are appear after zits heals. It blocks the enzyme which secretes melanin known as tyrosine. And on other hand Vitamin A which helps in growth of new skin cells. When damaged cells replaced by new healthy cell the effect of acne scars naturally start decreasing. And mint leaves also contain one more important quality which soothes your skin and enhance the skin healing process because it contains menthol. There are so many ways by which you can treat your acne scars using mint leaves. And here we are discussing about some of them.




MINT LEAVES PASTE- One of the most important and effective way as well is to treat your acne scars with mint leaves paste in which you just have to apply mint paste to those affected paste of your skin.

-Just make a paste of 15-20 leaves of mint by merge them well and put the paste in refrigerator. Then apply the paste on affected part of your skin and after about half an hour rinse them gently. It really works in lighten your acne scars. You even can use mint juice on your acne scars both paste and juice equally well for your acne scars. For best results apply this paste twice in a day.


LEMON AND HOLY BASIL WITH MINT-For reducing acne scars combination of these three natural ingredients is very effective .Lemon and holy basil with mint makes a useful combination helps you a lot in healing process of acne scars.

-Mix 10-20 leaves of mint with same amount of holy basil leaves and blend them and make a smooth paste. Put this mixture in a cloth and squeeze it and extract juice from this combination of mint and holy basil. Add half teaspoon of lemon juice in this mixture and apply this mixture on your face more concentrated on affected areas and for its best results use twice in a day for some time. It reduces your acne scars in very short period of time.


FULLER’S EARTH AND TOMATO WITH MINT-Like earlier paste it also makes a effective combination mixing fullers earth and tomato juice with mint for reducing the effect of acne scars. Tomato juice and mint having the property of lighten dark spots from your skin and on other hand fullers earth can absorb the excess oil as well as other impurities from your skin.

-Mix half tea spoon of fuller’s earth and same amount of tomato juice and mint juice and mix them well and make a smooth paste. Apply this paste on your scars and about half an hour wash off with water.


POTATO JUICE WITH MINT- Potato has many properties which is beneficial for your skin in many ways .Potato is rich source of vitamin c and vitamin c is very good nutrient for your skin. And after mixing with mint it can helps in lighten the acne scars of your skin.

-Mix potato juice and mint juice in equal amount and mix them well and apply them on your acne scars and it works well in lighten your acne scars.


MINT AND CURD-Curd is consider as a natural exfoliating agent because it have property of lighten dark spots of your skin and if you mix mint juice in curd the combination become much more effective in reducing acne scars.

These are some very natural ways of mint leaves which are very effective and help you in curing acne scars.

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