Can Dandruff Cause Hair Loss?

Can Dandruff Cause Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a significant issue. Specific reasons are there for hair loss. It is a big question that whether dandruff causes hair loss or not. The answer is rather simple but difficult to understand. You can say that both dandruff and hair loss are inter-related.

Mainly the scaly appearance of the scalp gets you dandruff. In extreme cases, dandruff leads to itchiness. When you start to itch on the scalp irritably then the rough movement of the fingers through the roots of the hair cause them to weaken thus leading to hair fall.

Again, if the hair follicles are already weakened due to some reason or the other, then the loss of hair from the roots induce the scalp to grow loose. This deactivates the nourishment of the scalp more and more thereby increasing the scaly texture. And thus dandruff is formed.

Hence it is a loop. Dandruff and hair loss are the two extremes of a vicious cycle. To be straight, yes of course dandruff can cause hair loss.

Sometimes, to treat the hair fall, you might get yourself an anti-hair fall shampoo. Such shampoo is composed of a chemical known as minoxidil. Minoxidil treats hair loss better but causes the formation of dandruff as the scalp turns flaky. Now we have to give it a thought that what caused dandruff exactly.

Surprisingly we have to connect both to reach at a conclusion. If you want to treat hair loss then prevent the dandruff issue. If you want to get rid of dandruff then clear out the hair loss problem.

To treat dandruff causing hair loss, there are numerous ways. Let us explore one by one.


Change your shampoo:

If dandruff is the main cause of your hair loss then it is advisable to change your shampoo first. The shampoo which is specific for anti dandruff must be used. Anti dandruff shampoos enclose the useful ingredients like ketoconasol, selenium, sulphide and zinc pyrithione. These ingredients fight dandruff without causing hair loss.


Take help of natural remedies:

Natural remedies are always preferred to any other ways. Natural substances treat dandruff in an innate way and discourage the loss of hair.


  • Use tea tree oil. It is highly antiseptic in nature. So it helps in skirmishing dandruff as fast as possible. Add a few drops of this oil to your anti dandruff shampoo and cleanse your scalp with this solution. Use it regularly in weekly period. Dandruff gets lessened thereby decreasing hair loss.


  • White vinegar has acidic properties. Such property inhibits the growth of fungus. Activated fungus can cause dandruff which ultimately leads to hair loss. White vinegar creates a zone of discomfort for the fungus which alleviates the growth of infection. Thus use white vinegar with a mild shampoo for rinsing the scalp.


  • Olive oil is another natural substance which actively participates in making your scalp dandruff free. Olive oil can be used either by warming it or leaving it normal on the scalp overnight. But do not forget to wash off using a mild shampoo, most preferably an anti dandruff shampoo.


  • Lemon juice can also help you get rid of excess dandruff making the hair loss minimum. Apply lemon juice on the scalp and keep it for about thirty minutes. Wash off with your anti dandruff shampoo.


These remedies are worth giving a shot. In one way or the other you can be cured of dandruff and hair loss. These mutual issues may be difficult to be wiped out but not impossible. Spare a little time and effort to put an end to hair loss by treating the root cause of dandruff.

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