Burgundy hair color

Burgundy hair color

Color your hair is most popular trend today we all want a perfect hair shade which goes best on your hair and on your skin. But market available color contains too much chemical which harm hair and after bleaching hair forgot there natural texture also and looks so fizzy and dull. Today’s popular hair shade is burgundy which looks so stylish and trendy and goes best with all type of hair and we can also achieve this color at home using natural products. It’s so stylish and popular today and gives you a perfect look which goes best and stylish with all and loved by everyone. There are some simple tips and triks if you are going to apply burgundy hair shade on hair.


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Different Burgundy hair color:-

Burgundy for Blonde hair–if you want to apply burgundy hair color on hair and you have naturally blonde hair color then it’s must that first you color hair in dark blonde rather this hair color cant seen in your color and after that apply this color it will goes best with your hair color.


Dark Burgundy Hair–this is a best hair color shade today and everyone like this shade so much it’s so dark and stylish and sexy hair shade for all type of hair color and hair length.


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Burgundy hair color using heena–heena is best for achieve light hair shade of burgundy and it will give you perfect look of burgundy and make hair so stylish and give you a very light shade of burgundy.


Extremely Dark and Dyed Hair–if you dye your color then be careful because if your hair is in light texture then you apply this color so it will give you extremely dark shade and if you apply some light color first on hair and then apply this then it will give you extreme light shade so always be careful before applying any burgundy shade on hair and always avoid purple color to get burgundy shade.


For light brown hair–if you have light color hair shade it’s so easy for you to get burgundy shade on hair and it are so simple and easy to apply this hair color on hair without using any type of shade on hair and you can directly apply burgundy color on hair and achieve best look.


So you can use any type of shade of burgundy on any type of face color and you can also use this at home to with using home products to get burgundy shade on hair.


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