Bombay style mehndi design

Bombay style mehndi design

Bombay style mehndi is so famous for their design and creativity. Bombay style mehndi has his own designs and patterns the are so different from other mehndi design people love these designs and their creativity and love to apply this on many occasion and days there are so famous and stylish and give a effect like tattoo pattern. These designs mostly carry flower print and pattern and different type of stylish different design. These designs patent is like Arabic mehndi but the creativity of design is so different from these design and shapes to its not like ordinary Indian patterns they give a different effect to your mehndi design and there patterns.


different Bombay style mehndi design–

  • Stylish flower print–it’s a very stylish side mehndi design which make your look so different and give you a different stylish look its patent is so inspired from nature so many cutes and turns and flower print are seen in this patent.


  • Heart shape stylish design–it’s so stylish and beautiful pattern with heart shape design which make your mehndi look more stylish and different from the entire pattern and make your look so attractive and stylish.

Attractive Heart Shaped Mehndi Design

  • different shape of flower print–it’s so stylish and different pattern this style is seems little bit like Arabic mehndi design and make your look different and stylish and different from other design and make your look complete with different pattern and dotes.


  • Stylish round shape design–it’s a typical Indian design with different shape and cutes look so stylish and different with heavy pattern in figures. And round shape design in mid and make your look different and stylish.


  • One side flower design–it’s a beautiful pattern with flower patent and design on one side on hand and make a attractive look and design of hands which make hands more beautiful and stylish and give an aligned look to you


  • Flower bail design–it’s a common and attractive design in youth it will give you a complete design and patent look which make your look more attractive and stylish and beautiful. It’s seems so beautiful with light flowers and Sharpe shape.


  • Designer Arabic design–it’s a very popular design in youth and makes your look more attractive and stylish and makes hands more attractive and stylish and beautiful which will give you complete look for every occasion.


  • Flower patent design–it’s a simple flower patent design which will give you stunning design with flower pattern and make your design more attractive and stylish and make design perfect and stunning.


  • Bracelet design with ring–it’s a modern design Patten with stylish patent and design which seems so stylish and beautiful and looks so stunning at same time.


So there are so many different designs and patent which make your mehndi design more stunning and we can only found these design in Bombay style mehndi design which make your look complete and give you a beautiful effect.



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