BOB Hair Style

BOB Hair Style

Today everyone follow a trendy and stylish hair cut to look attractive but the fear to take care of long hair. The mostly prefer short or bob hair. But some time they get so confuse because everyone think that if you have long hair only then you can make stylish but it’s not true with short hair you can also make so many different hair styles with different look every day. Bob hair look so popular today in celebrities and normal people also normally the set there hair what they are looking but on some party or any event you can change the style of hair by using different style.

Today we are going to teach how many style of hair style you can made with bob hair.


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  • Start with hair cut: – first you take an attractive stylish hair cut of bob hair. You can also choose so many different type of bob hair. Some bob hair cuts are recommended there for you to incise your beauty.


  • Round Bob with Side-Swept Flips: – this look is so common and attractive in bob cut you can cut your hair in normal short length and give a partition in hair with side swept flip. And the side flip is looks stunning in all type of face cuts always try to cut side hairs short its looks trendy and stunning at same time.


  • Long hair simple bob:– this bob is simple and trendy to in this cut you can cut hair in a normal length and take middle partition to highlight the bob cut and without any short and style short hair.


  • Short bob hair cut:– in this bob hair cut first divide hairs in side partition and the length of hair is so short rather than other bob it almost touch your ear the length of your hairs always chose side partition for this and if you want attractive look in this bob hair cut then give stylish flacks bigger than your other hair at front.


  • Long Bob with Bangs:– this bob hair cut is mostly suit on who have big Prow. This hair cut side hairs are cut in normal length and the front hair cut according to prow it’s an also attractive hair cut to look modern and stylish. And it’s also give a celebrity look to people.

All the people think that in bob style we can’t make any type of hair style because bob hairs are too short to style but that’s not true you can also make so many different type of hair styles with bob hair. Here we show that how to make attractive bob hairs with different hair style.


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Different bob hair styles:-

  • Simple using clipping ponytail bob hair style: – this hair style is for long and short both type of hair style but its suits bob hair allot fir take some barbi pins. Comb all hair gently and take front hair in comb properly without any side or middle swept flips and pin the hair ob back and separate all hair at back with barbi pins. This hair style is simple basic hair style for bob hair and it’s also looks elegant.


  • Front bun:- bob hairs also looks attractive with bun at front for that also use some barbi pins. Take a particular hair partition at front. Spray some gel in this hairs to give him a particular bounce ( different type of hair spray are available at market). After giving a particular bounce separate this hairs back with pins and finish this with more spray to set them.


  • Curly hair bob hair style:– in this hair style we can curly all the hairs with using roller or curl machine. We take a particular part of hair and roundly proper band the hair on machine and after 2, 3 min we remove the machine we can also curl the hairs with using electronic roller and simple roller to achieve this look. It’s a party look and also so attractive and stunning look for bob hair cut.


  • Wavy bob hair style:– this hair style also gives you trendy and attractive look. In wavy hair style we can style hairs with little bit of twist it’s not properly curly but looks little bit massy but attractive. This look is today so popular on youth, its good on short and long all type of haircuts. But we can see effective look of this in mostly bob or in short length hair. Its looks so trendy.


  • Front twist:- if you want some twist on bob hair style then you can choose this hair style. It’s an simple an attractive hair style for bob hair.Comb hair properly. Do a partition of front hair and make two flacks of that. Bland both flax together like a node. Separate this with barbi pin at back or in other open hair and then cover this with hairs. And your hair style is ready.


  • Back Quilling:- if you have short bob hair then it’s a different look and hair style for bob hair cut. It’s not only attractive but stylish both at same time it’s also easy to make this hair style. Take all the front hair together and first separate them. All the open hairs of back can divide in three parts and make simple partition ponytail. Make this pony from down to up. Separate that pony at a peck point add with additional hairs and make simple bun of this.


  • Additional hair style by coloring hair:– coloring is also a very trendy look today if you want to look attractive then color your hair with different highlighting and make them more attractive. You can use hair color in different ways like color all hair or with simple highlighting and only Appling color on bottom. So with colors you can also highlight your bob hair style.


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