Blemish is a problem which affects your appearance and spoils your looks. Anybody who suffered from this problem should have to wash his or her face well. It helps you in removing the excess amount of oil which blocks your skin pores. But we are lucky that nature provide us so many ingredient if we use properly those ingredients they helps a lot in get rid of almost every skin problems. Homemade natural clearing masks are very effective and safe also because they are having skin friendly properties and have on side as well so they are very effective as well as very easy to use as well.


Here we are discussing some effective blemish clearing masks:

  • CUCUMBER AND CURD MASK-Take half cucumber and first grate it and then blend it well with a cup of oatmeal. And add one tea spoon of curd in it and make a paste. Apply this paste on your face and a bit extra to effected areas and after about 10-12 minute wash your face with cold water. This face mask really helps you in clearing blemish and your skin becomes softer.


  • CARROT– Boil some carrot and after that mash them in a cup and then apply this on your face and let it dried. And after about 20 minutes rinse your face with first with cold milk and then after with cold water. This is really effective for acne marks.


  • HONEY AND LEMON MASK– Lemon has so many goods for your skin .It contains vitamin c which is very good for your skin so do honey it also contains so many properties which helps your skin in many ways. Just take 1 tea spoon of fresh lemon juice and 1 tea spoon of honey and same amount of rose water. And mix them properly and apply this paste on your face before going to bed. Next morning wash your face with cold water. This paste effects well in clearing blemishes.


  • GREEN GRAM FACE MASK-Take two table spoon of powder of green gram and make a paste by mixing it some water. Apply this mask on your face it really helps in clearing pimples and acts as a good moisturizer as well. Remove this paste after about half an hour.


  • GRAM FLOUR AND CURD MASK-Combination of 1 tablespoon of gram flour with 1 table spoon of curd will becomes an effective face mask which helps you in clearing blemishes. This face masks help in lighten the blemishes because of exfoliating properties.


  • SANDAL WOOD POWDER AND ROSE WATER MASK-Mix 2 table spoon of sandalwood powder with equal amount of rose water and before apply this paste on your face wash your face properly and after that apply this face mask and after 20 minutes wash it off with cold water .Best benefit of this face mask is that it suits every skin types and helps in clearing blemishes.


  • EGG WHITE MASK– Mixing egg white with lemon juice becomes an effective paste which really helps you in opening blocks skin pores and feel fresh. Mix 3-4 tea spoon of fresh lemon juice with egg white and make a paste and apply this combination on your face before going to bed and wash your face next morning and enjoys the healthy results.


  • COCONUT WATER- Coconut water is good if you apply it directly on blemishes and it works on pigmentation as well. It can be handy for dark elbows also because coconut water having the properties of lightens your skin tone and also remove the pox mark.


So here we discussed some of important and effective face masks which are very easy as well as safe in using because all ingredients used in these face masks are natural having no side effects while using them.

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