Bisea mistral mehndi design

Bisea mistral mehndi design

Bias mistral is a big artist who is famous for his artistic design and creative designs and painting. She had a great experience of many years in mehndi design and art. She is so famous for her bride mehndi design and art in people. When she appear there heena design the talent of bias mistral is shown in these design which make their look different and beautiful. The bias mistral heena designs are so popular and famous in people the art of bias mistral is so artistic and creative she give stunning design and appearance in their design and make their design different from other and make their own appearance is artistic creativity. The show so many different design whatever it’s contemporary and traditional. Bias mistral can provide so many different design and appearance according to their look and design according to the occasion.



  • This design is typically bride design which is looks so beautiful and attractive on bride hands with flower and some other thinks like lines and small flower this looks are so different from other bride designs.

Bisha-Mistry_mehndi-henna-design-pattern-tattoo_5 (1)

  • Flower bell design is so creative and stylish it well apply by bride and anybody for any special occasion an give you a different appearance and look and make your appearance different in every event.


  • These Arabic heena tattoos are so popular today and this design of Bisea mistral can give your look a different appearance and look on your appearance and make your look different in every event.


  • Flower bell design is so attractive and stylish at normal occasion people apply these design and make their appearance different from other and give you complete different look to your appearance and to your look.


  • This tattoo mehndi can give your look and different appearance and make your look different from other and different . This is so stylish and popular because the look so attractive and stylish and make look complete with stone and shimmer effect.


  • This is a typical bride design and makes their look different from other and when we apply this seems so stylish and goes best with every designing and look.

So bias mistral designs are so popular and attractive and artistic to people love to apply these type of design and make their look complete with these type of design and give there look to different appearance for every occasion.

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