Biggest lies of Nutrition that will have you shocked (And happy that you know them at-least now)

Biggest lies of Nutrition that will have you shocked (And happy that you know them at-least now)

Introduction :

Do nutrients and health relate to each other? Yes ofcourse! They do. Nutrition is a healthy diet to meet your body requirements. It is essential in the growing stage of your life. Have you ever thought of healthy eating? Do you know your body needs a total of 45 nutrients? Vitamins, Fats, Carbohydrates, Minerals, Protein and dietary fibers are such essential nutrients needed to grow healthy and survive.

But do you know all about nutrition and nutritional value? Go through the following and you’ll be shocked finding some myths and facts regarding nutrition that might help you to remain healthy.

Nutritionist across the world advises us to keep us away from foods that contains fat and cholesterol.

Was this advice result of studies conducted on the same or it was a myth that was followed without any analysis or studies.

People in 60’s and 70’s were the one who actually started to follow the diet and kept themselves away from saturated food with fat and cholesterol. The reason when analysed was shocking, people in those times thought that having saturated food intake will lead them to heart ailments which was not confirmed through any studies or research but was blindly followed.

The fact was Low fat diet lead people to obesity. People actually avoided good food and started having processed food which was high in sugar and refined carbohydrates.

After few years a group of people conducted a study on Low Fat Diet with a group of women with postmenopausal. The group was split into two. One was advised to be on Low Fat for 8 years and the other followed a normal diet.

After 8 years of study the outcome was that the Low Fat Diet women were weighing 0.4 kg lesser than the women in Normal Diet. And there were no symptoms of diseases related to heart or cancer.

Further studies gave shocking results of the risk factors involved in the Low Fat Diet like lowering of HDL (Good Cholesterol), raising triglycerides etc.


There are recommendations from the Nutrition’s across the world on the Diets which is not to make them feel better but hurts them somewhere some time. Such diets hurts more people than helping them.


Foods rich in cholesterol such as eggs were avoided which actually is a healthy food intake. Egg was considered to be high in cholesterol where as the recent studies proved that it doesn’t raise cholesterol in blood and doesn’t contribute for heart diseases.


Processed seed and vegetable oil are also considered to be healthy and are recommended by the organizations whereas they are unhealthy and produce in large Omega-6 fatty acids and fats which contributes to disease.


There was always a thinking that Saturated Fat raises bad cholesterol which results in Heart diseases, but the fact is actually the saturated fat never raises LDL but in turn raises HDL Cholesterol which reduces risk of heart diseases.


Despite the fact that having fatty food adds more calories ,the study done shows that people having high fat diets leads to more weight loss than people having low fat food.


people prefer Margarine and feel it better than natural butter but the Margarine is really unhealthy food processed in factories with trans fats and processed vegetable oils. Butter is considered to be a healthier choice.


The low fat food generally carries sugar , corn syrup and artificial chemicals on the ingredients list which is really harmful and unhealthy but still the sales of these foods have skyrocketed, even though normal fat foods are much more healthier than the recommended low fat food.

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