Beverly Hills Diet Plan

Beverly Hills Diet Plan

Everyone wants to lose weight and to achieve this they follow different diet plan. Beverly hills diet plan is one of them which help to lose weight. But the main question arises this diet plan is suitable for you. Normally diet plan means to eat food in limited amount and on proper time. In this diet it is recommended that for the starting ten days you must be to eat fruit and food in particular way.


Categories of the food:-

In this diet plan almost all type of foods are recommend to eat. So for that foods are categories in following group:

Fruits: include carbohydrate rich fruits in your diet because it helps to digest the food easily.

Fats: meat is rich source of fat; it increases the amount of fat in body, so you must try to avoid it because it slows the process of digestion.

Protein: protein is an essential for the overall development of the body. Protein is mostly found in dairy products, meat and vegetables.


Foods to eat:-

In this diet plan it is important to eat a specific type of food at a time. It is must to avoid the mixing of different type of food in a day or at a time. If you are eating carbohydrate rich food in your diet then do not mix it with protein diet. If you mix it will slows the process of digestion of food. Take different type of food group after every 2 hours. In this diet plan you must be concentrating on the fruits, to the first 35 days it is recommended to eat fruits more in comparison to any other thing. After that you can eat different kind of food.
The most important thing is that you must be careful to do not mix carbs with fat because it will directly affect your digestion system and slows down the process. You can mix fat with protein and do not mix different types of fruits at same time.



• This diet plan is very effective in losing weight. You can easily lose 9kg weight in 35 days.

• In this diet plan it is recommend eating fruits which help to detoxifying the body and providing high antioxidant.

• This diet only involves small amount of fat which is not bad for your health.

• It is must to leave the artificial substance in you diet and involve fresh fruits.



• The major disadvantage of this diet plan is that it will recommend that you only need to eat fruits for 35 days which makes you feel weak. It will also cause the diarrhea.

• This diet plan also permit to eat protein, but in small amount which is not good for health.

• Due to only fruits diet it will also lowers yours blood pressure.

• This diet plan is not suitable for pregnant women.

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