Best Weight Loss Exercises You Can Try

Best Weight Loss Exercises You Can Try

There are several workouts that can help a lot to lose the extra kilos that trouble you a lot. Some of the best workout tips are given below:


  1. Plank: This is a core strengthening workout which not only helps to build your core power but also helps to burn a great amount of calories. This is perhaps on of the best exercises to burn calories fast.


  1. Jumping jacks:These are one of the best cardio workouts to burn calories.


  1. Skipping: This traditional workout burns a hell lot of calories which perhaps you were previously unaware of.


  1. Cross trainer: Cross trainer works your whole body and helps you burn calories thus toning your body.


  1. Push-ups: These mainly target the chest muscles, biceps and triceps and are considered one of the best workouts to lose weight.


  1. Close grip triceps push-ups: Similar to pushups, this workout mainly emphasizes on the triceps.


  1. Spider push-ups: This push-up targets the shoulder, arms and the legs and helps in burning a considerable amount of fat.


  1. Kettle bell excercise: These are generally made of cast iron and shaped just like a kettle. These come in different sizes or weights. These can be used to work out and kettle bell workouts have been recently introduced in India over the past few decades. These are one of the best exercises that you can opt for to burn a hell lot of calories.


  1. Side plank: Side plank burns more calories than simple plank.


  1. Bridge: This is a very good exercise to build your back muscles and burn fat. This also relieves you of lower back pain on the long run.


  1. Squats:These are great workouts which burn a great deal of fat and hence are often used as warm up workouts before you train particular muscles. Squats with weights are even better.


  1. Deadlifts:This workout targets fat burning mainly to lose a considerable amount of weight.


  1. Lunges: These are again very good cardio workouts that aim to burn fat.


  1. Crunches: Crunches are also fat burning workouts that target the abdominal muscles.


  1. Sit ups: These workouts target the belly fat. Doing sit-ups helps a lot to cut down the fat and give a toned abdomen.


  1. Back dips: This workout burns calories by giving you a leaner and good looking and bigger triceps on the long run.


  1. Triceps kick back: This exercise targets the lower muscle of the triceps and helps to build the cuts in the muscles.


  1. Concentration curls: These are the best workouts for cutting down the fat layer of your upper arms.


  1. Pull ups: This exercise targets mainly your lateral muscle and biceps but also helps to burn enough calories to lose weight.


  1. Overhead press: Targeting mainly triceps this workout also helps to burn extra calories.


  1. Lat pull down: This workout targets the lateral muscles but also gives a good chance to lose weight.


  1. Bench press: This is the best workout for chest muscles and help a lot in burning a great deal of calories.


  1. Incline bench press: This help to build up the upper chest muscles and help burn fat too.


  1. Front kick with dumbbells: This workout also burns calories and also helps to increase strength.


  1. Frog jumps:This workout aims for a good amount of weight loss. Main feature is to cover as much the distance you are ready to cover In a limited time.


  1. Cycling: Needless to say, this is another great exercise that helps you to burn a great deal of calories and lose a considerable amount of weight.


  1. Swimming: Swimming is an overall workout for all your muscles. The best workout that targets your whole body. Swimming all throughout the year keeps you healthy and fit.

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