Best Ways Tamarind Helps You to Lose Weight

Best Ways Tamarind Helps You to Lose Weight

As a general rule, if you are having a body mass index, that is, BMI for short more than 24, then it is clinically said that you are over weight. Well, obesity can lead to several problems that are often hard to deal with. Sometimes, unwanted obesity often leads to stroke or some cardiovascular disease. To prevent obesity, or to keep your weight gain in check, you need to keep a check on your food habits. Moreover, you should think twice about your daily diet plan. You should include such foods that can help you a lot to reduce your weight to a great extent. Either you need to consult a dietician or a health specialist or you need to maintain a diet chart and that too strictly.

Let me mention one such food that can safely be included in your day to day diet, which will help you a lot to keep your weight in check and will also help you to maintain the taste of your dishes. And that item is tamarind. This is an awesome ingredient for your cuisines and a perfect thing to make you lose those extra pounds that have been bothering you lately.

Let us first get to know what tamarind actually is. Well, it is nothing but a leguminous plant.And guess what? These fruits find a great deal of application in a large number of varieties of cuisines all over the world.


What is the nutritional value of tamarind?

Tamarind has very high nutrition value indeed. Every 100 gm. of tamarind has 249 kCal energy, 5.1 gm. dietary fiber and protein 2.8 gm., to name a few. It has a great deal of vitamins and minerals also.


What are the various health benefits of tamarind and its products?

Tamarind has high amounts of vitamin C. Needless to say that the presence of vitamin C makes tamarind an awesome cure for scurvy.

There is also good news for those who have been suffering from ankle pain, joint pain as well as heel pain. Tamarind has such healing properties that it helps to reduce swelling and pain at such places.

Again, if you apply tamarind to burns on the surface, it can help you to heal a lot faster.

Tamarind also helps in the cure of a sore throat and cough.

Last but not the least, tamarind helps a lot in the loss of weight. Let us get to know of the weight loss effects of tamarind.


How does tamarind actually help you to lose weight?

Well tamarind has some extremely beneficial components which help you to lose a considerable amount of weight. Some of the best ways tamarind helps to lose weight are as follows:

  • Action of tamarind as a laxative: Tamarind is a wonderful laxative agent. Tamarind juice helps you a lot to prevent problems like constipation, and in the long run helps you to remain slim and fit.
  • Hydroxy citric acid in tamarind: Well, this is perhaps a great fact which will genuinely convince you that if you are thinking to lose weight, tamarind and tamarind products are a perfect choice for you. This is because tamarind has hrdroxy citric acid in it. This particular component helps to cut down on the production and storage of fat. What is more this component also helps to increase/ speed up the metabolic processes in your body.
  • Prevention of over eating: This is another excellent property of tamarind which will really make you happy. Tamarind helps you to keep a check on your appetite and on the long run helps you to lose weight and even prevents you to gain extra weight due to over eating.


Well, these were some of the ways that tamarind helps you to lose weight. Instead of just going for artificial fat burners or anything of that sort, it is advised always to go for natural options, among which tamarind is one.

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