Best way to care for fair skin

Best way to care for fair skin

Fair skin always attracts attention of others people thought that person is blessed if he fad fair skin but on the other hand fair skin need much more care then of dark skin because dark skin is luxurious and bit less delicate than a skin pale in colour. Fair skin is more sun ceptioble in sun rays pollution due to of less amount of melanin in fair skin. Fair skin need special care because fair skin tanned easily in sun exposure and create lot of problems like uneven complexion dark patches are very common in fair skin so proper care for fair skin is must .

Here we provide some nature home-made beauty tips which gives you best result.


Honey: Honey is one of the best moisturizer provided by nature to us. By applying just a tea spoon of honey on your face and give a gentle massage , No other thing is needed with massage only regular use of this Honey massage you will find your skin will turned into a very good looking light golden complexion.


Papaya: Papaya works extremely well to your skin, if it applied externally just peel off the papaya skin and make a paste and apply this paste to your face and those part who get exposed in sun after one hour you can wash off . You will find a difference in extreme amount if you use this paste regularly.


Tulsi: Tulsi is consider as a gift to us provided by God. Tulsi many illness so do Tulsi can work for skin also. Tulsijuice havelot’s of benefites like people who consume this juice get relief from many skin diseases. Tulsi is consider as best remedy to reduce sun ten and protect fair skin.


Rose water: Rose water helps your skin in lot of ways. You can apply this water regularly and for best result every time you wash your face you can use rose water. No soap will use when you wash your face with rose water. Regular use of this water helps not only in maintaining your fair complexion but it helps in providing fair complexion as well.


Turmeric: Turmeric is very famous Indian spice and easily available in Indian kitchen. Turmeric

Produce very good effects on your skin it provides you fair complexion. It is natural and skin-friendly heaving no side effects and not troubles your pocket also. For your fair complexion Turmeric

Is so beneficial because if you apply Turmeric on your face you noticed a fair amount of glow which makes your fair skin much more attractive.
Curd: Curd is very common food in India and health beneficial of curd is a lot on other hand curd also an useful natural product which helps your skin in very much amount. Apply one tea spoon of curd on your face every morning it kills acne on your face and provide you a glowing complexion to your fair skin you never had before.


Lemon: Lemon is an good natural product for your skin because of vitamin C present in it. Lemon juice creates a lot of skin wounds to you which you never had before. You can apply lemon juice to your face it might leave you a bit pinching reaction but not to worry because it use is safe. One lemon is sufficient for your face and you will find glowing change in your fair skin.

These natural product which are easily available and not much costly , effects your skin in great amount and you will find your fair skin much more healthier that ever before and your glow can attracts anybody around you.


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