Best Victoria Secret Lip Glosses

Best Victoria Secret Lip Glosses

Generally, Lip sticks are used to expose your face more vibrant and attractive. But beyond this, another important lip tool is used to highlight the color of your lip stick. That is nothing but a “Lip gloss”.

Lip gloss is a lip tool which is used to expose your lips more healthy, shiny and moisturized. Without a lip gloss your lip makeup is said to be incomplete and meaningless. Such Lip glosses are available in variety of shades, flavors and colors in today’s beauty market.

Thus, among the leading brands of Lip glosses available in market, Victoria secret is the top most Cosmetic brand of lip glosses which are specially designed for your lips and it is known for its sheen and gloss.

They are also the leading producers of several other cosmetic products and one of the renowned cosmetic brands which have several stores, worldwide.

So, let us check few of those best Lip glosses of Victoria Secret.


  1. VS Makeup collections of Drama Lip gloss:

This is an instant solution to get the shine on your lips immediately. This collection of lip gloss are made up of aloe vera and argan oil to give excellent shine and long lasting moisturized effect on your lips. The consistency of the lip gloss is so perfect which is not so sticky and easily applicable on your lips. Thus, on the whole, this product is worth the money you spent.


  1. VS collection Brilliant Lip shine gloss:

This is a pen type lip gloss with a button on the bottom of the product thus making it easy to use. You can start applying this lip gloss by just clicking at the bottom of the product just like you do with your ball point pens.

The body of the outer cover reveals the color of lip gloss as this product is available in many different colors. Every color has its own glittering effect but do not give any gritty feeling on your lips.

The pink color in this lip gloss gives you a perfect nude lips effect that looks so natural just as your normal lips.


  1. Beauty Rush Lip sheen:

This is a glossy lip product which comes in a crayon style pack. Just as other products of Victoria Secret, this product also do great when applied on lips. It is available in different shades and colors such as Boudoir pink, manic pink and so on. The finish of this product is so warm, non-greasy and it is between matte and glossy finish. The crayon like style makes it easy to apply on your lips.


  1. VS Pro magic FX Holographic Lip Shimmer:

This is one of the costliest Lip gloss products of Victoria Secret and was released with VS FX collections. This lip gloss has micro shimmer effects that give a Three Dimensional jewel like sparkling effect when applied on your lips. The consistency is very thin with buttery sweet taste that gives a holographic and shimmery look on your lips.


  1. Beauty Rush Sparkle Lip gloss:

As the name suggest, this lip gloss adds sparkles and mild glittering effect on your lips. You love this product by looking at its sleek and slim look which will definitely become your Grab and go beauty product.


The product has cylindrical structure with transparent body showing the content from inside. It consist doe-foot applicator which makes you easy to apply. This lip gloss also has a mild scent added to it and the golden color consistency gives you a sparkling effect on your lips. Also, this lip gloss stays for 3 long hours if once applied.


It is an inexpensive, pocket friendly lip gloss which makes your feel comfortable when applied on your lips.

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