Best Toners For Dry Skin

Best Toners For Dry Skin

Toners are used post cleansing. Cleansing helps in removing the dead skin cells. So you just wonder the repairing of a wall after it is scrubbed harder to make it even. Hence toner serves the same purpose. After the skin is cleansed properly, toner is applied to make the surface area of the skin retain its evenness.

For specific skin types, particular toners should be used. Therefore dry skinned individuals must use explicit toners suitable to their skin. The toners must be water based and have high moisturising effects. Here is a shortlisted preview of the best toners which can be used for dry skin.


Clarins extra comforting lotion:

Dry skin often gets stretchy. Hence toning is a must after cleansing. To avoid stretchy skin, the Clarins extra comforting toning lotion is the best option. This lotion encloses every natural ingredient possible including the property of being alcohol free. You can notice that your skin gets moisturised after using this toner.


VLCC skin defence rose water:

Toner maintains the functionality of providing relaxation to the face. This comes from the composition of the toner which has innate ingredients responsible for soothing your skin. For dry skin it is highly preferable as the ingredients present act deeply on the skin cells. As the name depicts, rose water is the main constituent and hence is the finest likely toner for dry skin.


Biotique cucumber water:

Dry skin mostly suffers from white patches and breakouts. This is a result of large skin pores. Most toners do not work on large pores. The Biotique cucumber water toner is free from alcohol and is composed of natural ingredients which together serve in working on the large skin pores. It cleanses the face thoroughly as a result of which skin irritations are prevented. This also stands as the best toner which can be used for dry skin.


Neutrogena alcohol free toner:

The toner from Neutrogena is free from alcohol and stands out diligently for dry skin. This toner is very gentle and helps in removing dirt from the pores of the skin with an easy effort. Hence the blackheads are removed preventing the acne and dry breakouts. People having dry skin can opt for the Neutrogena alcohol free toner as their first choice without giving a second thought.


Fabindia lavender skin toner:

Stretchiness of skin is a big problem for people having dry skin. The skin toner from Fabindia contains lavender which helps in mitigating the stretchiness caused due to dryness. Lavender soothes the skin by acting deeply on the pores and cleaning the slightest dirt present. Being alcohol free this toner can be used on dry skin without any confusion. It comes at a reasonable price too.


Lotus herbal rosetone:

Available with a decent price, the Lotus herbal rosetone has magnificent qualities of sensing the dry skin and deactivating the problems related to it. Sincere use of this toner reduces the size of the pores inducing a healthy skin tone. It holds the benefits as that of the rose petals, that is, it relaxes the skin cells. This toner is handy to use and is available in the form of a spray can bottle.


Jovees rose skin toner:

This spray toner works in a quite dedicated way on dry skin keeping the skin hydrated and moisturised. Dryness and stretchiness disappears on using this toner as it is made up of completely natural substances.


Choose a different world by using toners as suitable to your skin. Dry skin does not mean that you can use any type of toner. The chosen toner must complement your skin and should not cause any adverse effect. You are different and your skin is beautiful.

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