Best Tinted Lip Balms available in India

Best Tinted Lip Balms available in India

Lip balms are not only beauty tools to enhance your lip makeup, but also a perfect and right tool to heal your damaged lips. Lip balms which are wax like greasy substance will give a smooth and soft texture to your lips if applied regularly.

This will also help to prevent your lips from cracks, sores and dryness. A lip balm hydrates your lips and nourishes it with deep moisturizing technique.

So, let us check the best tinted kind of lip balms available in India.

Let us check one by one:


  1. Nivea Lip balm:

Nivea is a very famous beauty product in India which has released multiple beauty products such as moisturizer, lip balms, lip sticks, concealer and compacts. Thus, again from this famous brand, we have got an excellent lip balm called “Nivea Lip balm with fruity shine effects”. It is available in different flavors like strawberry, cherry, watermelon and other exiting fruity flavors.

When applied, it gives a smooth and greasy feeling and locks the moisture on your lips for longer duration. Its price is also reasonable and available within Rs.150.


  1. Maybelline lip balm:

This is another famous cosmetic brand in India which delivers best quality products. “Maybelline Baby lips” lip balm is an excellent lip product which hydrates the lips and keeps the moisture intact for more than 6 hours. It comes in attractive colors and one of the best tinted Lip balms available in India. Its commercial advertisement has given it a viral reach among the young girls.

Also, unlike other lip balms it comes with a new formula of SPF 20 which protects your lips from harmful UV rays.


  1. Revlon Colorburst:

This is one of the rich cosmetic brands in India which has renowned and reputed name in the cosmetic market. You can feel that any product of Revlon is little costlier but every product will be with its best quality and durability.

Similarly, Revlon has introduced this juicy lip balm called as “Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter” that comes in 15 shades such as candy apple, Tutti fruiti, Berry smoothie and so on. The price range starts from Rs.600.


  1. Vaseline Lip balms:

Vaseline lip balms are very famous in the cosmetic market for its best quality at affordable price. “Vaseline Lip therapy” comes with an attractive pack and gives a natural enhanced look for lips along with the flavors of rose, cherry, strawberry and so on. This lip balm is one of the best tinted lip balms that are made up of almond and rose oils and enriched with Pro-vitamin E nutrients. So, it is an excellent moisturizer for your lips and hydrates it for longer time.


  1. LipIce Sheer Lip balm:

“Lip Ice sheer color” lip balm is best ever lip balm that comes in attractive pinky pack. As soon as you apply it, let it rest for 2 minutes after which you can see the color change on your lips. The strawberry flavor of this lip balm gives a mild pink tint to your lips when you apply it for the first time. Later, the color gets deeper when you apply it repeatedly.


  1. Himalayas Lip balm:

Himalayas is a top most cosmetic company which produces only herbal cosmetic products. Thus, “Himalaya herbals Shine” Lip balm is an excellent herbal lip balm which contains only natural ingredients such as vegetable oil, apricot kernel oil that gives natural shine to your lips.


Since they are free from any chemicals and preservatives it can be said as one of the best available lip balms in India. The price is also quite reasonable when compared to other lip balms.

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