Best Tan Removal Creams Available In India

Best Tan Removal Creams Available In India

The climatic approach of our atmosphere is really getting into bad times. Frequent climate changes and pollution have been in the picture recently. Stepping out in the sun and dust has become a challenging point. Unless you are completely ready to go with all precautions, it becomes tad difficult to keep your skin protected. Going out for some urgent work may wipe out from your mind that you should not go with your hands, feet and face exposed. This may result in tanned skin which would only bring a sad smiley to your face.

Trying out various homemade remedies may be effective but not for a longer period. It is not always possible to have these remedies regularly. So various tan removal creams are now available in India. Applying tan removal cream gives better result as it can be used regularly with lesser effort. Some of the best ones are mentioned here.


Nature’s essence lacto tan clear:

This anti tan cream is composed of honey and milk proteins. The geranium oil contained in the cream restores the usual fairness of layer of skin. Usually the tan grows on the epidermal layer of the skin. The geranium oil and milk proteins penetrate into the epidermis and remove the tan. This lessens the pigmentation which might have caused with the problem of the harmful ultra violet rays.


Lotus herbals whiteglow:

Lotus herbal has manufactured this cream and is available in India which provides three features in a single box. The fairness agents such as the grape and milk enzymes and mulberry extracts whiten and brighten the skin along with removing the tan. They mostly help in lessening the darkening of the skin, thus providing a shield to the skin from future damage.


Auravedic pure brightening sunblock lotion:

This non sticky lotion is a boon for sun tanned skin. It whitens the skin giving perfect radiance thus alleviating any type of side effects. Skin gets tanned if the harmful radiations of the sun penetrate the epidermis. This cream when applied covers the face like a mask thus keeping the skin protected from those rays. Moreover the plus point is it is applicable to all the skin types.


Markari anti UV whitening cream:

This cream is tested okay in the dermatology. It facilitates skin whitening. Regular use of the cream prevents the tan to form again. Thus it also acts as a clearing cream. If the tan is not formed again then the fairness is restored and your skin becomes evenly toned. Markari anti UV cream can be used on any type of skin.


VLCC anti tan facial kit:

To remain a little more extra cautious for your skin you can use the VLCC kit for anti tan facial. The entire package provides skin treatment that includes repair of the damaged skin thus removing tan. The kit includes five advantages such as:

  • A facial scrub of VLCC oatmeal
  • A detanning gel of VLCC melawhite
  • A detanning pack of VLCC melawhite
  • A massaging cream of VLCC pista
  • A detanning powder of VLCC melawhite

All these products have ayurvedic recipes which give effective and guaranteed result. The kit if not available in general stores can be ordered online.


Fair and flawless suntan removal cream:

That anti tan cream is a unique one. It improves the evenness of the skin and deeply enhances the uniformity. When tanned the skin looses the elasticity and radiance thus making the skin dull and dark. This cream restores the above. Unnecessary pigmentation is also reduced on using this cream. Overall the tan on the skin is removed and the quality is restored.


It is true that our skin is delicate and needs to be handled carefully to store its softness and glow. Removing tan is the most important step in doing so as tanning causes most harm to the skin. Therefore an anti tan cream must be used regularly to mitigate early damage of skin.

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