Best Soaps for Dry Skin

Best Soaps for Dry Skin

Our skin is much more delicate than we use to think. It consists of innumerable cells and tissues which function in combination to keep the skin healthy. Therefore we need to nourish our skin externally to maintain the balanced composition. Any product to be used on the skin must be carefully and wisely selected.

One of the products is a soap bar. Soaps are used while bathing. The body soaps can make the skin drier. Hence those soaps should be used which are specialised for dry skin. The delicacy of the skin may wipe away if the wrong soap is used.



Dove is a cream bar. It can be used as a bathing or cleaning soap. It is composed of moisturising milk of about one fourth of the total. Milk is a natural moisturiser. Hence the soap moisturises the skin and retains it for a long time. As it moisturises, the skin remains hydrated too. As a result, the skin becomes tenderly soft and smooth.

Moreover it leaves a soft and soothing fragrance which would make you feel remarkably fresh.



The herbal honey moist soap from Lotus is a moisturising soap which maintains the moisture of the skin at an ultra level. It is a cleanser cum soap. The soap gives a gentle cleanse to your skin which allows more moisture to be absorbed thereby conditioning the skin in a placid way.

This soap comprises an ayurvedic formula which deeply nourishes the skin. The ayurvedic formulation comprises properties of the natural ingredients such as the honey and rose water. Therefore it simultaneously nourishes and tones the dry skin.



Skin becomes more delicate when it approaches dryness. Utmost care should be taken to protect the skin. Therefore, we must use a soap which can protect the skin at a threshold level and retain the moisture for a longer time period. Nivea stands for this purpose. The Nivea crème soap comprises of almond oil. With every wash, the skin becomes cleansed and the scaly appearance disappears too.

Hence this soap maintains a barrier between the skin membrane and the external dryness. Have a smooth and nourished skin using Nivea crème bar soap.



The cream and honey soap from Himalaya has a natural effect on the skin which tends to get drier quickly. It puts an instant action on the affected area of dryness providing deep nourishment. The soap is enriched with natural honey which helps in killing any microbe or bacteria grown due to inflectional growth. The skin gets rejuvenated intensely and within a short period.


Body shop:

The Shea soap from the body shop is an appreciable manufacture for dry skin. It comprises the ingredient of Shea butter which is responsible for adding extra gentleness and smoothness to the skin. Moreover it provides maximum moisture to the skin.

Using this soap for cleaning and bathing is highly fruitful. The pleasant smell of the creamy scent overpowers your mood and lightens your outlook too.


Bombay store:

The Cinnamon soap from Bombay store does not disappoint you. The natural ingredients present in the soap give a woody aroma which soothes the feel. The ingredients comprise jojoba, olive and coconut oil. Vitamin E and cinnamon oil are also present which give antiseptic qualities essential for recovering the dry skin.



When moisturising is important then Olay should be your first choice. Dry skin needs adequate moisturising and that to regularly. Olay can support you in this regard by fighting the dryness and leaving behind a smooth and healthy skin.


Whatever greasiness is caused due to dryness, it can be easily mitigated by using any of the soaps mentioned above. Pick your stick and fight the dryness with the moisturizing soaps and bars.


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