Best Skin Care Products for Dry Skin

Best Skin Care Products for Dry Skin

It is really difficult to keep your skin glowing and radiant in winters especially if you already have a dry skin. Dry skin can sometimes be itchy and irritant. So it is crucial to give special care to your skin in winters to get rid of annoying dryness and thus keep related irritations away. There is a big range of moisturizing products in Indian market that give your amazing relief from skin dryness and also give you extra nourishment. But first we need to identify the quality products among the heap that will be ideal to use for dryness. In this post you will come to know about a few such products that can give best results against skin dryness.


Top Skin Care Products For Dry Skin–


Lotus Herbals – Wheat Nourish:

 Lotus Herbals offer wheat germ and honey moisturizing cream that is amazing product for a dry skin. The properties of honey added to this cream helps to give essential moisture to skin and helps to protect skin against damaging environmental contents. It also helps to eliminate dead cells thus reducing aging signs. Use this cream daily for good results.


Himalaya Herbals – Moisturizing Lotion:

The intensive face moisturizing lotion offered by Himalaya herbals is another best product for treating skin dryness. This cream contains Aloe Vera, country mallow and Indian madder with anti-inflammatory properties to deliver nutrients to your skin thus maintaining appropriate levels of moisture in the skin. Apply this face lotion daily and get rid of dry skin. You can also buy Body moisturizing lotion offered by Himalaya Herbals that is also a great product for body dryness.


L’Oréal Paris –HydraFresh:

L’Oréal Paris has introduced hydra fresh aqua cream that locks the moisture to your skin giving soft, smooth and nourished skin for long. This cream contains necessary minerals that hydrates our skin and maintaining skin glow.


Neutrogena – Norwegian Formula:

Neutrogena offers intense skin repair formula to treat dry skin. This body moisturizer is enriched with active nutrients that promote moisture of skin eliminating dryness and irritating effects of dryness. You can experience best results on daily use of this product.


Fabindia – Silk Protein:

This nourishing cream is enriched with properties of olive oil, sunflower oil, sericin and vitamin E that are considered to be best nourishing components for skin. Upon regular application of this skin you will get a smooth, silky and moisturized skin.


Biotique Bio – After Bath Body Oil:

Biotique Bio offers after bath body oil made containing carrot seed and almond oil properties that eliminates dryness and give necessary moisture to skin. You need to massage your body with this oil after bath and this will help your skin keep hydrated for long. You can visualize best results on regular application.


Aroma Magic – Dry Skin Care Oil:

This oil from Aroma Magic is especially made for dry skin. Its amazing properties helps to rejuvenate skin and hydrate it from inside. It gives appropriate moisture to your skin leaving a glowing and smooth skin behind.


Nivea – Smooth Milk:

Nivea smooth milk is perfect body lotion for treating dry skin. It is considered to be containing Shea butter which is a perfect ingredient to moisturize your skin. It also provides you protection from various damaging components in our environment. Use this body moisturizer and keep your skin hydrated, soft and smooth.


All these products are highly effective in treating dry skin and give extra nourishment to your skin. You can choose any of these products according to your skin type and then can have extremely well results against your dry skin. But along with using these products don’t forget to add nourishing and nutritious foods to your diet.

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