Best Shahnaz Husain’s Beauty Tips for oily Skin

Best Shahnaz Husain’s Beauty Tips for oily Skin

Shahnaz Husain’s beauty tips and  product is the very famous in the industry. It produces the best products for bridal. Shahnaz Husain’s gives the best beauty tips for all skin type problems. It gave some tips for oily skin as follow:


Homemade or natural cleanser:
In the tip of Shahnaz Husain, used homemade or natural face wash or cleanser because of, in homemade cleanser no harmful chemicals are included which is no harming our skin.


Don’t scrub or wash much more:
If you have oily skin than you don’t need to wash or scrub your face again and again. Because of, oily skin sheds dead cells more rapidly and clogs faster than normal skin type.


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Homemade scrub:

In Shahnaz Husain tips, she said to the customer used the natural or homemade scrub instead of packed products. She said that market products have much harmful chemicals that harm our skin.  In homemade scrub we can use tomatoes or papaya. This is the best natural scrub for oily skin it cleans the skin and we got shine and oil free skin.


Powder base makeup:

Avoid makeup if possible. She said that use powder based makeup instead of liquid makeup.


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Use face oil:

In tip of Shahnaz Husain, used the face oils and moisturizers for oily skin. Face oil cleans the skin and contains the excess oil. And moisturizers moisturize our skin so you can use a light moisturizer. You may also care about it when you go in the sun days than you don’t use the moisturizer.

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