Best Selenium Rich Foods

Best Selenium Rich Foods

Basic Description :

Selenium is a rich mineral which is gained from the diet. It may help our body in preventing the heart diseases, atherosclerosis, cancer and certain types of the strokes. In addition to this it also helps in the relieving signs of the osteoarthritis, cataracts, mood disorders and rheumatoid arthritis. In this iodine is also a beneficial important factor for proper body functions.

Iodine mainly aids in the normal functions of the thyroid and in the metabolism of the cells. The deficiency in the selenium may lead to pain in the muscles and in the joints, white spots in the fingernails and unhealthy air. In the long term causes it can even cause to the Hashimoto’s disease, that is a condition in which the own immune system of the body attacks the thyroid.


Deficiency of Selenium Can Cause :

The excess of the selenium may lead to improper breath, hair loss and even to diarrhea. The DV or the current daily value for the selenium is around 70 micrograms. It’s the main point which is important to be noted that the amount of the selenium in the product varies high in the amount of the selenium which is in the soil and which was produced and grown raised.

Always make sure to check the individual labels. Anytime, if you assume that you are low in selenium, then get to task after the change in your diet to make sure that you are eating adequate amounts. There are many food varieties in which you can find the iodine and the selenium.


Seafood and Meat :

According to a study of the Linus Pauling institution shows that seafood and organ meats are the richest and the best way to gain selenium. A 3 Oz serving of the shrimp includes 34 micrograms of the selenium. While a 3-Oz of the crab meat includes 41 micrograms. If we do a comparison than a 3 Oz beef serving contains 16 micrograms of the selenium. The institute of the Linus Pauling reports tolerable to the upper intake of the selenium is 400 micrograms in a day is a must.


Brazil Nuts :

The Insitute of the Linus Pauling also says that the amount of the selenium in the plant proteins, mainly depends upon the selenium content of plants soil in which they are grown. Those Brazil nuts, which are in the soil, which is highly rich in the selenium may supply more than 100 micrograms of the selenium in a nut. Those foods which are grown in the soil, which is less in selenium may give ten times lesser.


Dairy products :

Dairy products are also a great sources of the iodine and the selenium. The Linus institute also explains that the iodine, which is commonly added to the feeding products of the animals are rich in selenium. This gives the results to the diary products like cow’s and buffalo’s milk. An Eight Oz serving of the cow’s milk gives fifty six micrograms of the iodine toxic to our body.


Supports Health In Following Ways :

For proper functioning of our body enzymes it is necessary to include selenium in our daily diet.

Here are few health benefits we can have by consuming selenium regularly in proper amount :

  • Helps thyroid functions to work properly
  • Protects Antioxidants


Risk Of Following Diseases :

  • Prevents Cancer (if it is the case of deficient)
  • Immune Function
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Depression
  • Male infertility
  • Cardiovascular Disease


Conclusion :

Add sufficient amount of selenium in daily diet to to be away from abov ementioned diseases.

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