Best Products To Use This Monsoon – Makeup

Best Products To Use This Monsoon – Makeup

Every season is unique in its own way. So we need to have makeup according to the season. If we talk about monsoon it is a season of freshness and enjoyment. But also we need to take a great care of our skin and should use certain products to make our skin look fresh, beautiful and to avoid any kind of bacterial or other infection.So let’s make you aware of different kinds of products that you need to use in rainy season to get best look. Here are some of these products:


1). Cleanser: Bacterial infections are very common in monsoon. So we need to keep our skin clean at all the time to prevent these infections. You can use mild and soap free cleanser.


2). Makeup Primer: We have a misconception that we need not to use primer during monsoon season. But it is always good to use primer just like every season. It makes makeup look smooth and make that look fresh for hours. It also hides the shiny look due to the sweat.


3). Use of Concealer:It is important to choose a concealer that matches your skin tone. It should not make your skin too white. It is very helpful in covering up the blemishes on your face. In monsoon season you need to go for a water proof concealer because that will stay longer. It happens often that in rainy season our skin tone changes a bit. So you should have a new concealer matching your new skin tone.


4). Foundation: When you are done with applying primer and concealer then apply foundation. Use a foundation that will hide all the blemishes of your skin. Best is to go for water proof and oil free foundation that can stay even in sweat.


5). Eyeliner: In rainy season we should always avoid having excess makeup on eyes, as it may smudge. Most importantly avoid using eye shadow as that has more chances of melting off in rain. Like other monsoon products try using waterproof kajal and eyeliner to make it stay longer.


6). Use of Compact Powder: Compact powders are always good to use no matter which season it is. You can apply it over foundation to get a matte effect. It can directly be applied after concealer if you don’t want to use the foundation.


7). Use Lip Liner: It is always suggested to use lip liner with lipstick in this season. Use of lip liner will make your lip stick colour stay intact as lip stick has more chances of spreading off. You should use the same shade of lip liner as that of lip stick.


8). Selection of Lipstick: Choose a lipstick that can last longer. For giving your lips a good colour one can use matte lipstick or you can use lip gloss for shiny lips.


9). Eye pencils: Eye pencils can be used as an eye shadow in rainy season. It is best to be used as there is a little chance of spreading off or smudging. It gives you neat and clean eyes full day. And the best thing is these eye pencils have varieties of colours. So we can choose any colour accordingly.


These are the various products that are desirable to be used during monsoon season. And will give you an awesome look avoiding all kinds of various effects of rainy season. The most important thing to remember in monsoon season is to always bur waterproof products to make them last longer without effecting your looks. With these tips and products you can go for a captivating look.

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