Best Plum shade Lip sticks Available in India

Best Plum shade Lip sticks Available in India

Lip stick has become an essential beauty tool in every woman’s hand bag. Also, nowadays, most of the girls concentrate more while buying any lip stick in the market. They check whether the lip stick is from best brand, is that matte-finished, is that creamy and do not dry out easily along with the other factors such as color of the lip stick and cost.

For any kind of woman, whatever skin tone they have, plum shaded lip sticks are one of their most favorite colors. Plum shaded lip stick will expose any woman as a soft and gentle person with an elegant look. They also help in highlighting the face and will give a pleasant feel for others who have a chance to look at their face.


Thus, let us check the best plum shaded lip sticks available in India:


  1. Velvet Matte Lipstick Plum berry from color bar:

This is an excellent plum shaded lip stick available in the market at a reasonable price. This lip stick is mild with soft and creamy pink undertone which will give you an excellent look. This type of lip stick is a great choice for any parties and wedding celebrations.


This color can also hide your hyper pigmentation areas on your lips thus making it as a best choice to wear during your wedding. Once applied, this lip stick color remains for more than 4 to 5 hours.



  1. Lip Love lipstick from Lakme:

Lakme, a very famous cosmetic brand in India has always delivered its best products in the beauty market. People choose Lakme for its instance finish, brand importance and high quality. Thus, this Lip love lipstick in plum pout is another fantastic product from this brand which comes in a beautiful glossy red colored case.


The package is really attractive and comes under budget friendly price. The lipstick has exact plum shaded base which makes you look great in the evening parties. The lip stick is equally creamy and glossy and thus exposes your lips shinier than other brands.



  1. Please stay plum from Maybelline:

As the name suggest, it is a wonderful lip stick case from the famous brand Maybelline which remains long lasting and smudge free for 14 hours. This is a one stroke lip stick which does not have any re-applying problems. This plum shaded lip stick comes in a beautiful case along with a micro shimmer which has a capacity to give shiny lips.



  1. Color riche lip stick in passion plum from Loreal paris:

Loreal Paris is another famous cosmetic brand in India which has recently launched this Passion plum lip sticks which has true plum shade that is pleasant and cool.


This lipstick has real plum or mauve shade with fine silver glittering particles that are clearly visible on your lips when you have finished applying it. It adds brightness to your face with a soft and pleasing look. Once applied, it remains for more than 5 to 6 hours.



  1. Plumful lipstick from Mac:

This is a beautiful lip stick with soft pink undertones. This lip stick has rich creamy finish which sets intact on your lips for longer hours. This plum shade is soft, gentle and pleasant and best suits for all the Indian skin types.



  1. Velvet touch Lip stick Passionate plum from Revlon:

Revlon is another famous cosmetic brand in India which has constant place in the beauty market of India. Different from other lip stick brands, Passionate Plum from Revlon has soft pink undertone with a hint of brown and semi-matte finish. This lip stick does not contain any shimmery effect and the shade is more than enough for a perfect party look.



  1. Passion plum from Elle18:

Passion plum from Elle18 has strong pink undertones which gives your attractive pinky look to your lips. Though it has strong pink undertones, the shade is suitable for everyday wear with soft creamy finish and stays intact for more than 3 hours. This is less costly when compared to the other brands of lip sticks in India. Thus, people who are on tight budgets can go for this lip stick.



  1. Brilliant kiss from Lakme Absolute Matte:

Again this is a best lip product from the famous brand Lakme. As the name suggest, this is really a brilliant lip stick with soft and matte finish pink undertones. The color is not very bold and it is a perfect choice for everyday wear. The lip stick sits for more than 5 hours and looks great for deeper and dusky skins.

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