Best MAC Matte Lipstick Shades

Best MAC Matte Lipstick Shades

Lip sticks have become an essential travel friendly tool in a woman’s handbag which helps her to highlight and enhance her beauty. Nowadays, there are different types of lip sticks available in market in different shades. Among them, matte finished lip sticks give you a unique attraction when compared to the conventional lip sticks available in the market. Matte lip sticks gives you a creamy smooth texture and keeps your lips so plumb and supple.

Thus, let us check few of the Matte finished Mac Lip stick shades available in the Indian market.


  • Candy Yum Yum from MAC:

This is one of the attractive shades of lipstick available from MAC and loved by all lip stick addicts all over the world. Before applying this addictive neon pink shade, please get rid of any dry flakiness on your lips and apply a lip balm if possible. This will enhance the color of Candy yum yum and makes it long lasting. This is one of most preferred and highest selling lipstick shades in MAC which has a mild scent of Vanilla.



  • Ruby Woo from MAC:

This pack comes with a bright attractive red tint which will definitely be a favorite color for any woman. This is matte finish lip stick which has rich pigmentation of red color and gives you a rich texture of smooth lip color. Though it is quite expensive it is worth the money. It has high staying power for the whole day even if you eat or drink in between.



  • Smoked Purple Lipstick:

This is another awesome color that every woman may love. The smell of this lip stick is awesome just as its color. The color has bright purple tint which stays on your lips for long hours. This matte finish lip stick gives a creamy dark lips. It is one of the preferred ranges of lips stick who prefer dark lips.



  • Diva From MAC:

This is a perfect lip stick ranges from MAC which perfectly suits for Indian skin tones. There are wide ranges of Diva lipsticks available such as matte, dazzle, frost and so on. For lovers of matte finished lip sticks this is an awesome product which gives a perfect matte finish with no shine. It is available in reddish burgundy color which will be great during the evening parties.



  • Lady Danger from MAC:

As the name suggest, this lipstick has bright coral attractive red shade with a mild scent of vanilla. This color definitely draws attention of most of the people in parties. This is one of the most preferred bright red ranges of lipsticks which will never fade away so easily. The cost is quite high and not available easily in Indian markets.



  • Heroine Matte Lipstick from MAC:

This pack has the most unique shades of purple with bluish tint. This lip stick color goes perfect and awesome with smoky eyes which will together draw attention towards you. Also, the base makeup can be with pink tone for extra attraction.



  • Please me from MAC:

This is a perfect shade of lip stick who love light shades of pink tones. The color is just awesome with mild pinkish touch with creamy matte finish. It has good staying power for more than 5 hours if once applied. It is perfect lipstick if you do not like overpowered shades.



  • Kinda Sexy from MAC:

This lipstick has beige pink shade with matte finish and gives your lips perfect neutral color. This is a best lip stick for those who have light skin tones and goes awesome with dark eye makeup. This is an anytime anywhere wear lipstick with creamy texture.

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