Best Lip Makeup Products Available in India

Best Lip Makeup Products Available in India

Lip makeup has been most important thing for all of the ladies not only in this modern life but also for ancient times. In ancient time there were no commercial lip products so people at that time used to make their own lip colors and lipstick. They used to make it from crushed jewels, semi-precious stones, flowers and more. So lip makeup was in fashion throughout the life of human being. Now we have reached such an advance and modern world that we can avail ready made product for our lips. We have numerous brand in today‚Äôs era that can’t be counted on fingers. The only need is to identify the top product as per your suitability. More lip makeup products will definitely be causing you more confusion on what to select and what to reject. So to help you in this process we are sharing a few top rated lip makeup products that you can try to make your lips more beautiful and extraordinary.


Top Lip Makeup Products In Indian Market:

Maybelline – Super Stay 14 HR Lipstick

Maybelline is the one of the most active and popular brand that offers a wide range of lip makeup products at comparatively reasonable rates. Its Super Stay pink lipstick is extremely popular among ladies. Maybelline claims its lasting power up to 14 hours. You can try this finely pigmented lipstick for perfect looks.


MAC Lipstick Line

MAC is another top selling brand with a great range of lip makeup products. All the lipsticks offered by MAC are ultimate. You can find any of your favorite color lipstick under the brand name MAC as it offers a great array of lipstick shades all of which are extremely beautiful. MAC lipsticks are made with creamy formula that make your lips moisturized, smooth and silky.


Chambor – Matte Lipsticks

You can try from the range of matte lipsticks offered by the brand Chambor. All of these lipsticks are made with pigmented and creamy formula that gives ultimate finish to your lips that is basically opaque. These lipsticks has the power to last for more or at least 5 hours. If you want to prevent drying of your lips then this is the best choice for you as it keeps your lips creamy and moisturized for long.


Colorbar – Lip Glosses

Colorbar is another popular brand in global as well as in Indian market. It offers complete range of lip makeup products but its True lip gloss line is extremely well. All the line of lip glosses of Color bar are shimmer free and pigmented. Light and non-sticky texture of these lip glosses make lips look extremely lovely. These has lasting power of more than 4 hours.


Colorbar- Lip Pot

Colorbar offers 12 shades of lovely lip pots. This product is basically a lip cream with a pigmented and melted lipstick texture. This lip makeup product of Colorbar is packages in a round glass jar. All the shades of Lip pots are ultimate and give your lips moisture, smoothness and lovely glossy looks for more than 5 hours.


Maybelline – Baby Lips

Maybelline’s baby lips is a series of lip balms in different textures and flavors. This line of lip balm offered by Maybelline is widely used by women and is one of the bestselling products of Maybelline. These are available in non-tinted as well as tinted versions. These are perfect to repair your dry and dull lips as these moisturize your lips while also giving glossy looks. Ideal for your chapped lips.


Revlon Colorstay – Lip liner

Revlon offers perfect Colorstay lip liner in various colors. These lip liners are loved by most of the ladies because of their perfect finish and texture that they deliver to your lips. The pigmentation of these lip liners are also ultimate and due to this these can also be used to fill the lips.


Try all these lip makeup products and you will definitely feel the perfect finish that these give to your lips. Try and share your experience with us through your comments.

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