Best Lip Gloss Brands

Best Lip Gloss Brands

Lip Gloss is the first choice of most of the women as a replacement to lipstick. Whetherit’s a day to day outing, a special occasion, college party or anything, lip gloss can give you desired glow and smoothness to your lips. Lips glosses contain special moisturizing formula that can last for many hours and can give you flawless and fresh lips. There are numerous lip gloss brands available in Indian market. In this article we are introducing you with a few of the top most brands that offer perfect lip glosses to let you have perfectly finished lips.



Maybelline is one of the top brands selling best lip care products. Its lip gloss range is bestselling in Indian market. Maybelline offers beautiful range of attractive and opaque lip glosses that not only give adorable colors to your lip but also make them look fresh and healthy. All the lip gloss from Maybelline contain moisturizing properties to make your lips supple and smooth. Although Maybelline lip glosses are not long lasting but the shade and texture delivered by these to the lips is wonderful. That’s why Maybelline lip glosses are loved the most in India.



Lakme is a world renowned brand for its line of wonderful cosmetic products. Its range of lip glosses are extremely amazing. These products have power of lasting for at least hours on your lips. Lakme provides you numerous options of lip gloss shades to choose from. Its lovely sheer lip glosses are enriched with moisturizing properties with attractive shimmers as well that glide perfectly on your lips. Once you use Lakme lip glosses you will not think of any other option to replace this.



Colorbar is another such brand in Indian market that offers a great range of wonderful lip glosses loved by most of the Indian girls and ladies. Lip glosses offered by Colorbar come in numerous shade that give extra glossy, smooth and soft lips. This lip Gloss range contain moisturizing ingredients that keep your lips hydrated and eliminate appearance of fine lines on lips. Try this lip gloss range and feel its amazing effects.


L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal Paris is another top brand offering attractive lip glosses to make your lips shiny and glossy. The lip glosses from this brand consist of Omega 3, Vitamin E & Argon Oil that is responsible for giving your lips nourishment in addition to adorable shine. Explore from numerous attractive shades of L’Oréal lip glosses and define your style statement.



In MAC’s line of effective cosmetic products, its lip glosses are extremely lovable. These lip glosses come in opaque colors with extra shine and moisturizing formula. MAC lip glosses can last for more than 3 hours thus helping you beautify your lips.



Faces is also one of these brands offering top quality lip glosses in Indian market. Its lip gloss range comes with a special formula that let these last for more than 5 hours. Faces lip glosses gives your lips an attractive luster and shine making those look smooth, glossy and pretty.



Lotus herbals in one of the top brands that have gained popularity for its purely herbal cosmetic products. Its line of lip glosses is wonderful and consists of numerous shades and made with high-sine formula. Lotus lip glosses are really light to wear and you will be extremely comfortable on using these. These lip glosses will help to reduce pigmentation on your lips making them look smooth, supple and fresh.


Hope you will love this list and products from these brand will let your lips shine among the crowd. Share your views with us and keep reading more useful articles with us.

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